Tuesday 5 August 2014

EcoSask News, August 5, 2014

Boreal Bluet ?

Yard & Home Walking Tour, Aug. 17 
The Better Good is hosting a walking tour at 1 pm, August 17. The tour will include backyard chickens, intensive gardening, beekeeping, and more.

Waste Reduction Workshops, Sept. 
The Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council will be holding workshops in Prince Albert (September 23) and Weyburn (September 25).

Building Sask Green Conference, Nov. 13 & 14
Building Sask Green is holding their annual conference in Saskatoon on November 13 and 14. There will be tours of four facilities using cutting-edge technology as well as LEED v4 and PassivHaus workshops. They will also be presenting awards to acknowledge excellence in Innovation in Sustainable Design, Green Architecture, and Leadership in Sustainability.

Nominate Your Favorite Tree 
Do you have a favorite tree - of exceptional size, unusual form, important botanical value, rarity, or historical importance? SOS Elms Coalition is accepting nominations for their updated Tree Tour Guide. The deadline for nominations is August 15.

ant on flower

Show Insects Some Love
It’s summer, and I've been dealing with an ant infestation in the kitchen, so this article really hit home. Who do you think clears up more food waste in New York? Is it rats or ants? Well, the prize goes to the ants who are the world’s best unpaid garbage collectors.

Insects perform a lot of other important tasks as well. And yet, we do our best to eradicate them. Maybe it’s time to stop.

Parking Penalties
Drive a diesel vehicle in Madrid and you’ll pay more to park than if you drive a less-polluting car. Could Saskatoon introduce a similar system to encourage more sustainable transport?

Wind Power
Two US states are generating 25% of their electricity using wind power. Sask Wind encourages SaskPower to adopt a more positive, proactive approach to wind energy.

cold wet bee

Deadly Cocktails
It’s not just the neonicotinoids. It’s the combination. Bees are subject to an unsupervised cocktail of chemicals in the environment, putting many other species at risk as well.

Take Action 
People are less likely to litter if the area is clean or if they see someone else picking up litter. Set a good example, and other people will do the same.

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