Saskatchewan is an amazing place to explore in every season of the year. From grasslands in the south to boreal forest in the north, the scenery and the wildlife are varied and spectacular. Saskatchewan hosts two national parks, one inter-provincial park, and many provincial and regional parks. And let’s not forget our urban wildlife – there’s lots to do outdoors in all our cities.


Spring/ Summer Outdoor Explorations in Saskatchewan
Spring and summer are the perfect time to get outside and explore Saskatchewan. We’ve put together a sampling of activities from around the province.

From admiring the view from a lookout tower in Prince Albert National Park to looking for cacti, learning to paddleboard, or ensuring your kids will be safe on their next outdoor adventure – you'll find lots to enjoy on our list of Spring/Summer Outdoor Explorations in Saskatchewan.


Winter Outdoor Explorations in Saskatchewan
Winter is fun too. From skating and pishing for chickadees to sleigh rides and winter camping, there’s something for everyone. And, if the weather is really miserable, you can always curl up indoors with a good book about nature.

Take a look at our list of Winter Outdoor Explorations in Saskatchewan (updated October 2020).

Nature Programs for Kids
We've pulled together a list of nature and environmental programs for children and youth both as part of the school program and as extra-curricular activities. Take a look and see if there is something of interest to your family.

Nature Activities for Kids, Summer 2021

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