EcoFriendly Sask has been replaced by EcoFriendly West and will incorporate news and articles about all 4 of Canada’s western provinces. EcoFriendly Action Grants are on hold for the moment as we consider the best way to offer them on a wider scale (Feb. 5, 2022)

We believe that people want to make a difference and have a positive impact on nature and the non-human environment, but sometimes they need additional financial resources. We decided to help by providing small grants, usually $500, to support local projects that will improve the environment.

Grant Criteria 
EcoFriendly Sask is a small personal initiative (Who is EcoFriendly Sask?) so there is some flexibility in our grant criteria. However, we will expect you to demonstrate how your project meets the following criteria:

Type of Project 
Projects should protect, preserve, or repair the natural, non-human environment. This can be direct (habitat restoration, energy conservation) or indirect (environmental education, promotion of local natural habitats).

Projects should benefit the natural environment and not just people.

Projects should be concrete and have tangible results. For example, the Carrot River Valley Watershed Association received a grant to provide area schools with mini watershed models and educational books so that learning continued after the Association’s presentations. Locals concerned about food security received a grant to establish the Saskatoon Seed Library.

We do not normally fund gardens or outdoor classrooms if there is not a clear indication that they are being designed to benefit the natural environment. For more information, see EcoFriendly Action Grant Ideas for Gardeners and Teachers.

While we encourage organizations to replace disposable dishes with reusable ones, we no longer support these projects financially due to the number of potential applications.

Applicants should be individuals, schools, or community groups and institutions in Saskatchewan. You don’t have to have charitable status (but it’s good if you do).

Larger organizations and municipalities must demonstrate need and explain why the project cannot be supported through their own operational budget.

Projects must have a community-wide impact.

We do not support projects that are purely personal (e.g. purchasing a solar panel for a personal residence) or on private property even though we recognize there are benefits to setting an example.

Grants are not available for business initiatives (e.g. starting up a renewable energy company). 

Financial Considerations
Projects should be for short-term projects or start-up funding. We don’t provide support for ongoing operational funding. For example, we might help you to set up a composting program, but we wouldn’t provide you with a grant to maintain it on a long-term basis.

Projects should be small. We do not normally support projects where our funding is only a small piece of a large project. 

Demonstrate need. EcoFriendly Action Grants are designed to support projects that would not be able to go ahead without our support.

Application Process
There are no forms to fill in. Simply send us an email ( outlining your project idea, its purpose and audience, as well as what you need to help make it happen.

Clearly indicate how you will use the funds (e.g. a list of supplies that are required and approximate cost, a draft budget).

We accept grant proposals on a continuous basis. There are no application deadlines.

Grant recipients will be expected to do the following:

Acknowledge receipt of the grant, using EcoFriendly Sask’s logo, in your organization’s electronic and print publications in order to increase awareness of EcoFriendly Sask’s publications and grant program.

Provide photographs and a written report at the completion of the project to be posted on EcoFriendly Sask’s website so that others can learn from your experience.

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2022 Total $1,00 for 2 projects
Friends of St. Victor Petroglyphs - $500 for signage and pamphlets for a self-guided nature trail and plant ID
SOS Trees Coalition - $500 to support Arbor Week 2022 in Saskatoon

2021 Total $19,050 for 29 projects
Balfour Collegiate, Regina - $500 to turn unused courtyards into outdoor classrooms

Town of Rocanville - $500 for bird houses along a new walking trail
SOS Trees Coalition - $500 to support Arbor Week 2021 in Saskatoon

Whitesand Regional Park - $500 for trees and shrubs
Northern Village of Cumberland House - $500 for trees and shrubs for Veterans Memorial Parkland
Growing Tree Preschool, Esterhazy - $300 for bug hotels
Rain Barrel Rangers, USask ENVS 401 - $150 to install rain barrels at schools/community gardens

For Peat's Sake: Protecting Northern Saskatchewan Muskegs - $500 for an online talk on peat-free gardening
Saskatchewan Environmental Society - $600 for idle-free signs for schools
Boreal Rangers Outdoor Adventure 4-H Club - $500 natural areas clean-up grant
Regina 86th Scouts Group - $500 natural areas clean-up grant
Saskatoon Search and Rescue - $500 natural areas clean-up grant
Stonebridge Community Garden - $500 natural areas clean-up grant
Living Sky Wildlife Rehabilitation - $500 natural areas clean-up grant
Wild Spirit Education - $500 for natural areas clean-up grant
Denare Beach New Horizons - $500 for natural areas clean-up grant
Joseph Naytowhow & Candace Savage - $500 for a ceremonial Equinox fire at the Northeast Swale
Rubbish Roundup II - $3500 to Saskatchewan Environmental Society on behalf of Rubbish Roundup participants

Vanscoy School - $500 to create a mixed grass prairie habitat as part of the school's outdoor classroom
Heritage Community Association, Regina - $500 to support development of  Art Park as a Butterflyway Pollinator Habitat
Town of Wadena - $500 to plant trees in town's Memorial Park
Better Environments Canada - $500 for supplies to ensure safe, efficient volunteer clean-up activities in Saskatchewan
Public Pastures - Public Interest - $500 for travel funds to research destruction of aspen bluffs

Vickers School, Prince Albert - $500 for supplies to support the Fish in Schools program

Wild About Saskatoon - $2,000 in support of NatureCity Experience 2021-2022
Hazlet Branch Library - $500 for an educational program to build and install mountain bluebird houses

Friends of Saskatoon Afforestation Areas - $500 to promote YXE City Nature Challenge

SK PCAP - $1,000 sponsorship of the Native Prairie Speaker series and Prairie's Got the Goods Week
Wild Sky Adventure Learning - $500 for nature education resource materials

2020 Total $24,475.50 for 35 projects
Wild About Saskatoon - $6000 to help support the 2020 NatureCity Festival
Livable YXE - $1000 for communications materials for upcoming municipal election

CHEP Good Food Inc. - $500 to support Seedy Saturday seed exchange and eco fair
SKAEL - $500 to support an environmental law moot for law students
Redvers Library - $400 for a bee-friendly children's workshop
UCan YQR - $500 for start-up funds for a canning project to reduce food waste
Coronach EDY Community Development Co-operative - $500 for start-up costs for a plastic recycling and conversion project

Boreal Rangers Outdoor Adventure 4-H Club - $500 for reusable camp equipment
U of S students - $500 for supplies to create bat boxes and educational signage
Saskatoon Zoo Society - $500 to enable 5 school classes to enjoy the Zoo Society's online environmental programming
Jessie Main - $500 to plant trees in Wood Mountain Regional Park
U of S students - $500 to place birdhouses and educational signage in the river valley
Silverwood Wildlife Rehabilitation - $500 to build an ungulate (deer, moose, elk) rehabilitation pen

Saskatoon Public Schools Integrated Programs - $500 donated to The Lighthouse Supported Living for an Earth Day clean-up by the iGen class, Ecole College Park School

Wildernook Fresh Air Learning - grant for a family clean-up challenge
Choiceland Recreational Development Inc. - $450 for a community clean-up and the purchase of a trash receptacle for the community park
Langenburg & District Daycare Co-operative - $500 for a nature area for children and wildlife with native plants, bird and bat boxes
Saskatoon Search and Rescue - $500 natural areas clean-up grant
Wildernook Fresh Air Learning - Rubbish Roundup Saskatoon - $505.50 promotional materials, $970 for donations to One School One Farm Shelterbelt Project, Saskatoon Crisis Nursery, Saskatoon Search and Rescue

Battlefords Search and Rescue - $500 natural areas clean-up grant
Whitewood Recreation Association Inc. - $500 to create a nature trail
Delisle Composite School - $500 for eco/environmental novels & resource for Grade 10 English Language Arts

Lower Qu'Appelle Watershed Stewards - $500 for beach clean-up and education about healthy lakes at the Resort Village of Birds Point

Northeast Swale Watchers - $500 for work on upgrading website
Saskatoon Seed Library - $500 for seeds and other supplies
Cote First Nation - $500 for reusable dishes
Friends of Saskatoon Afforestation Areas Inc - $500 for supplies for a clean-up of George Genereux Park
Safe Drinking Water Foundation - $150 for provincial park passes as prizes for World Rivers Day event
SK Eco Solutions - $500 to turn plastic waste into new, useful products

Flatlanders FatTire Brigade - $500 to clean up Richard St. Barbe Baker Afforestation Area

St. Michael's School, Weyburn - $500 to develop a traditional medicine garden in the schoolyard
Raccoon Rehab - $500 to support wildlife rehabilitation initiatives 

Plain Song - $500 to support establishment of Plain Song: A Literary Field Guide to Prairie and Wetlands of the Northeast Swale
Native Plant Society of Saskatchewan - $500 to support Native Plants in the Classroom
Troutreach Saskatchewan - $500 to study winter activity in Northern Leopard Frogs
Saskatchewan Prairie Conservation Action Plan - $1000 to support the Native Prairie Speaker Series

2019 Total $33,628.32 for 54 projects
Wild About Saskatoon - $6000 to help support the 2019 NatureCity Festival
Campus Regina Public - $500 to support a cross-curricular hydroponics project supporting food security
St. Augustine School, Wilcox - $500 to purchase reusable dinnerware and cutlery to reduce waste
Redvers Library - $500 for an Earth Day children's program promoting bee-friendly plants & hotels
Nature Regina - $500 for banner to raise organizational profile, strengthening efforts to protect and conserve the natural environment

South Saskatchewan River Watershed Stewards - $500 for 3 Edu-Kits to raise awareness on water quality with community youth groups in Martensville, Osler, & Warman

U of S Sustainability in Action project - $1000 for shrubs for a fruit-bearing shelter belt along the Meewasin Valley trail
U of S Sustainability in Action project - $1000 to establish bee hotels & interpretive signage
Waseca Communities in Bloom - $500 for youth program establishing a pollinator garden & habitats

Kenosee Boys and Girls Camp - $500 - solar thermal heater to make camp more environmentally friendly
Gravelbourg Green/Vert Initiatives - $500 - build public profile & launch further initiatives
Richard St. Barbe Baker Afforestation Area - $500 - interpretive signage
YMCA Saskatoon - $500 - composting/recycling bins for Blackstrap Lake Day Camp
Stonebridge Community Garden Collective - $500 - 2019 Natural Areas Clean-Up Grant
Studio Dance One, Preeceville - $500 - 2019 Natural Areas Clean-Up Grant
Asokan Project - $500 - summer youth program on conservation & biodiversity at Chief Poundmaker School
Natural Resource Technologies, Sask Polytechnic - $500 - 2019 Natural Areas Clean-Up Grant
Kristen Murphy (Spadina Cresc. W, Saskatoon) - $500 - 2019 Natural Areas Clean-Up Grant

SaskOutdoors - $500 - ecotour of Prince Albert National Park during 2019 Environmental Education and Communication conference
Saskatoon Food Council - $500 - weigh scales to document the amount and importance of local food production
Club Joy Inc. - $500 - 2019 Natural Areas Clean-Up Grant
Pangman Public Library - $150 - Save the Bees program
Boreal Rangers Outdoor Adventure 4-H Club - $500 - 2019 Natural Areas Clean-Up Grant
Lipton School - $500 - plant bird-friendly native trees or shrubs in schoolground
Living Sky Wildlife Rehabilitation - $500 - 2019 Natural Areas Clean-Up Grant
Centennial Collegiate Outdoor Education Club - $500 - 2019 Natural Areas Clean-Up Grant
Cannington Lake Resort Hamlet - $500 - edible fruit trees for birds and wildlife
Saskatoon Search and Rescue - $500 - 2019 Natural Areas Clean-Up Grant
Hudson Bay Park/Mayfair/Kelsey Woodlawn Community Association - $500 - 2019 Natural Areas Clean-Up Grant
Sylvia Fedoruk School - $1000 - bus transportation for 11 K-3 classes to visit Northeast Swale
Lampman Recreation - $500 - 2019 Natural Areas Clean-Up Grant

Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre - $450 - improvements to the beehives at The Garden Patch
Denare Beach New Horizons Club - $500 - 2019 Natural Areas Clean-Up Grant
Rosewood Community Association - $500 - 2019 Natural Areas Clean-Up Grant
CISV Saskatoon - $500 - camp field trip to the aspen parkland

Living Sky Wildlife Rehabilitation - $1000 - supplies to build a second pre-release fox pen
Economic Development Office, Gravelbourg - $500 - speaker on regenerative agriculture

Paula Gioino - $300 - clothing swap to promote waste reduction & recycling
Rob Kelly - $128.32 - registration to attend symposium on Putting Beavers to Work for Watershed Resiliency and Restoration
Dustin Stupnikoff, Grade 8, St. Augustine's School, Saskatoon - $500 to purchase ecofriendly classroom supplies to support learning about sustainability
Saskatchewan Homeschool Adventures & Canoe Club - $500 - 2019 Natural Areas Clean-Up Grant

Lawson Heights School - $150 for a vermicomposter to reduce food waste
SunWest Distance Learning Centre - $500 - reusable materials for a zero-waste, leave no trace camping trip by the Outdoor Ed - Survival School class
One School One Farm Shelterbelt Project - $500 to lay the groundwork for a joint school/farm project
Father Robinson School, Saskatoon - $500 to purchase binoculars, bug catchers, and pocket microscopes to use in exploring the NE Swale
Troutreach Saskatchewan - $500 to support describing a new species of mayfly and two species of insects that are new to Saskatchewan
Hanley School - $500 to purchase camping equipment for the school's Outdoor Club

Willow Cree Health Station, Beardy's & Okemasis First Nation - $500 to encourage outdoor activity and connection with nature by establishing a food forest and wellness garden
Mary dela Torre - $500 to host an ecofriendly, zero-waste community clothing swap
Winston Knoll Collegiate Environmental Club - $500 to support student participation in a national dialogue on biodiversity
Argyle School environmental club - $450 to purchase 3 vermicomposters to compost lunch food waste and shredded paper

Radville United Church - $500 to reduce waste by purchasing reusable soup bowls
Saskatchewan Prairie Conservation Plan - $1000 to support native prairie awareness and education through the Native Prairie Speaker Series
Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan - $500 for nature-centred activities for kids at Gone Wild for Wildlife 2020

2018 Total $27,585 for 43 projects
January 2018
Wild About Saskatoon - $6,000 to help support the 2018 NatureCity Festival
SaskOutdoors - $500 to purchase environmental science & craft materials for a pilot nature learning project with 5 Saskatoon early learning centres
Karen McIver, Faculty of Education, University of Regina - $500 to enrich the Outdoor Education in a Winter Environment class with additional field trips and enable students to obtain Leave No Trace certification
RCE Saskatchewan - $500 to support a speaker at the Education on Sustainable Development Recognition Awards ceremony
Angie Bugg, Saskatchewan Environmental Society - $500 to help fund a Certified Energy Manager course in order to provide more comprehensive information to building operators, non-profit organizations, and schools
Grade 5/6 class, Englefeld School - $300 to plant native trees and/or trees with fruit or berries for birds to eat at future off-leash park
Nature Saskatchewan - $1,000 to help fund reshingling the banding station at Last Mountain Bird Observatory
Redvers Library - $400 to fund an Earth Day children's program explaining the importance of flowers and bees to our ecosystem

February 2018
Minahik Waskahigan High School, Pinehouse - $500 to establish a school composting and recycling program
Farm the Sun with US - $500 to promote the benefits of a campus solar farm
Stand Up for Meewasin - $500 to promote continued provincial funding for Meewasin Valley Authority

March 2018
Kiskahikan School, Weyakwin, SK - $500 to purchase reusable cups, dishes, and cutlery for school and community use
Reclaim Our Prairie, Saskatoon - $500 to reclaim sections of schoolyards as native prairie restoration and education sites
Pierceland Central School - $500 to purchase rain barrels for outdoor learning space to teach students about water conservation
Grade 3/4 class, Nokomis School - $500 to install birdhouses and benches in a learning area for observing native birds
New Beginnings Outreach Centre, Kamsack - $1000 to purchase reusable cups and bowls in place of styrofoam
Food Renew - $500 to assist group in providing Saskatoon businesses with an alternative to throwing away edible food

April 2018
Coteau Community Club Plus 50 Inc - $500 to purchase fruit trees to provide food and shelter for birds and bees
Kincaid Central School - $500 to purchase trees to provide shelter
Ness Creek Music Festival - $500 to provide an alternative to environmentally harmful glow sticks
Chief Whitecap School Playground Fundraising Group - $500 natural areas clean-up grant

May 2018
Alchemy Salon, Better Good, Green Tree Beauty - $900 to plant trees in Big River & Saskatoon areas
Stonebridge Community Garden Collective, Saskatoon - $500 natural areas clean-up grant
Chief Whitecap School Playground Fundraising Group, Saskatoon - $500 natural areas clean-up grant
Saskatoon Search and Rescue - $500 natural areas clean-up grant
Dreambuilders High School, Yorkton - $500 natural areas clean-up grant
Davidson School - $500 to assemble an outdoor living space for wildlife and students
2988 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps, Montmartre - $500 natural areas clean-up grant
Saskatoon Indian and Metis Friendship Centre - $485 for a butterfly release on National Aboriginal Day to celebrate the Centre's 50th anniversary

June 2018
Denare Beach New Horizon's Club - $500 natural areas clean-up grant
Troutreach Saskatchewan - $500 for research on the impact of climate change and the potash industry on tiger salamanders
Centennial Collegiate Outdoor Education Club - $500 to help facilitate a skills development workshop at Pike Lake Provincial Park
Kailah Sebastian, University of Regina - $500 for graduate research with local stakeholders around Quill and Last Mountain Lakes regarding perceptions and sources of conflict

July 2018
Saskatchewan Homeschool Adventures & Canoe Club - $500 natural areas clean-up grant
Lyle & Brenda Knight - $500 to build a wooden foot bridge over a drainage stream on the Englishman River Nature Trails

August 2018
Mount Royal Collegiate - $500 to fill 7 large planters with local, sustainable species
Cannington Lake Resort Hamlet - $500 to repair and improve nature path

October 2018
LeRoy School - $300 for reusable containers for students learning to cook to avoid the waste created by prepackaged food

November 2018
Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan - $300 to sponsor two activities at Gone Wild for Wildlife, January 26, 2019
Lawson Heights School - $400 for supplies to set up a fully functional aquaponics system as part of Student Action for a Sustainable Future
Climate Justice Saskatoon - $500 for additional educational videos to support phasing out coal in Saskatchewan
Huda School, Regina - $500 for mature plants to add to the school's native plant garden
Prairie Conservation Action Plan - $500 towards the Native Prairie Speaker Series of webinars

2017 Total $21,192.72 for 32 projects
January 2017
Wild About Saskatoon - $5,000 to help support the 2017 NatureCity Festival
Wild About Saskatoon - $568.92 to support the first annual NatureCity Awards
Birds in Real Danger, Saskatoon - $773.80 for Michael Mesure, BirdSafe Toronto, to speak, provide a technical workshop, and tour during NatureCity Festival 2017

February 2017
Northern Saskatchewan Student Eco-Conference - $500 to assist with expenses
Saskatoon Cycles - $350 for the speaker at Ice Cycle 2017

March 2017
Regina Huda School - $500 to increase biodiversity with a naturalized schoolyard

April 2017
Christopher Lake Public School - $500 to purchase two compost bins to educate students on caring for the environment and sustainable living
Partners to End Poverty - $500 to plant fruit trees in Tisdale and Melfort

May 2017
Saskatoon Search and Rescue - $500 natural areas clean-up grant
Ponteix School - $500 natural areas clean-up grant
Craik Communities in Bloom - $500 to plant a pollinator garden at the head of Craik's main street
Ecology Camps for Kids - $1,000 to inspire a love of nature and educate children about the environment
Hudson Bay Park/Mayfair/Kelsey-Woodlawn Community Association - $500 natural areas clean-up grant
Northeast Swale Watchers - $1,000 for a Good Neighbours to the Swale community engagement campaign
South Nutana Park Community Association - $500 natural areas clean-up grant
Wild About Saskatoon - $569 for NatureCity awards during the NatureCity Festival
Craik Sustainable Living Project - $500 natural areas clean-up grant

June 2017
Grade 5/6 class, Englefeld School - $500 to build birdhouses and set up bird feeders and benches for viewing birds
Boys and Girls Club of Yorkton - $500 for an environmental education summer program
Ituna School - $500 for compost bins
Turning Leaf Support Services, Moose Jaw - $500 for environmentally friendly garden including composting and rain barrel

July 2017
Troutreach Saskatchewan - $500 to educate the public about Saskatoon's weir and its effect on fish and other aquatic organisms

September 2017
Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan - $400 to develop an educational booth to increase public awareness and assist in rescuing more injured wildlife in southern Saskatchewan
Sylvia Fedoruk School & Meewasin Valley Authority - $500 to assist in establishing a Swale Education Room to increase awareness among students and community of the environmental importance of the Northeast Swale

October 2017
Blaine Lake Composite School - $500 to assist with the purchase of reusable cutlery and an environmentally friendly dishwasher to minimize waste and reduce the environmental impact of the school's breakfast program
Prairie Conservation Action Plan Saskatchewan - $500 to assist in raising awareness about the importance of native prairie by sponsoring the Native Prairie Speaker series
Odessa Recreation Association - $500 to purchase recycling bins to be used at the rink, the community centre, and community events to keep recyclable materials out of the garbage

November 2017
Climate Justice Saskatoon - $500 to prepare videos to communicate the social and political barriers to transitioning Saskatchewan to renewable energy
Saskatchewan Environmental Society - $500 for idle-free signage for schools in Saskatchewan
Mount Royal Collegiate, Saskatoon - $500 to purchase compost bins
Nature Regina - $94.35 to replace a defaced sign at Hidden Valley

December 2017
U of S Graduate Students' Association - $500 to support the Sustainability Slam, designed to showcase sustainability ideas and inspire sustainable lifestyles among graduate students
Little Green Thumbs - $500 to assist teachers wishing to attend the 2018 School Garden Summit

2016 Total $17,675 to 25 projects
November 2016
Outdoor Education Club, Kenaston Distant Learning Centre - $500 for reusable equipment for a winter camping trip

September 2016
Fruit for Thought, Regina - $500 for compost bin and apple harvesting equipment

Hodgeville School, Hodgeville - $500 to plant trees and start composting

Saskatoon Teachers’ Association - $500 to support alternate forms of transportation by paying for free bus passes for 100 teachers attending the STA annual convention

August 2016
Northeast Swale Watchers - $1,000 to produce a video showcasing the Northeast Swale's natural wonders

Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan - $275 for an owl pellet dissection activity at Gone Wild for Wildlife, Nov. 26

Climate Justice Saskatoon - $500 to support PowerShifting Saskatoon, a workshop to develop capacity for community-based action

Dundurn Elementary School - $500 to support construction of an Outdoor Ed Learning Space

July 2016
Langenburg and District Daycare Co-operative - $500 to purchase trees for the daycare's outdoor play area

June 2016
Buffalo Narrows Ski Club - $500 for trail improvement on the Waskawihew Trail

Ecology Camps for Kids - $500 for supplies to assist in educating young people about ecology and the environment

May 2016
Melissa Squire (Alchemy, Ecobain Garden) - $950 in order to obtain a lower price and plant 9,000 trees in Ness Creek/Big River area

Julia Adamson - $500 to purchase supplies for a community clean-up day at the Richard St. Barbe Baker Afforestation Area in Saskatoon

Saskatoon Pride Festival - $550 to use the Bike Valet as part of the Festival's environmental sustainability initiatives

April 2016
M. Liota - $500 for a bokashi composting trial project to reduce waste and promote composting
Mary Sinclair - $500 to plant trees to help the earth and bring beauty at Poundmaker Cree Nation

March 2016
Ituna & District Regional Park - $500 for trees to replace the ones lost due to heavy rainfall
Saskatchewan Girl Guides - $500 for supplies for Cleaning Up Saskatchewan

February 2016
Marion Graham Outdoor Club - $500 for two pairs of skis for students who wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity to get outdoors and develop a stronger connection with the planet

Saskatoon Cycles - $500 to promote alternate means of transportation by assisting with expenses for IceCycle and author presentation on Feb. 27

Young Parent Program, Moose Jaw Family Services - $500 to purchase reusable dishes and containers

January 2016
Wild About Saskatoon - $5,000 to support the 2016 NatureCity Festival

Food Waste Coalition, Saskatoon - $400 to purchase the viewing rights to Just Eat It

Grade 8 class, St. George School - $500 for supplies for their Student Action for a Sustainable Future projects

John Paul II Key Club, North Battleford - $500 for supplies for planting trees in and around the Battlefords

2015 Total $20,257.01 to 28 projects
December 2015
School Community Council, Kincaid Central School - $500 for reusable dishes and cutlery for each classroom to assist with waste reduction

November 2015
Northeast Swale Watchers - $500 for a brochure and pin to equip and empower citizens to speak up on behalf of the Swale

October 2015
Saskatoon CarShare Co-operative - $1,000 to help support solar-powered car-sharing in Saskatoon

Saskatoon Teachers’ Association - $500 to support alternate forms of transportation by paying for free bus passes for 100 teachers attending the STA annual convention

Rob Dumont Energy Management Awards Dinner - $1,482.01 to provide environmentally sustainable wine for the dinner

September 2015
City Park Toy Library - $500 to support a planned expansion of the library to promote alternative models to traditional consumerism and reduce waste

August 2015
Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan - $325 to fund an owl pellet dissection activity at Gone Wild for Wildlife, November 14, 2015

July 2015

Recycling & Lac La Ronge Waste Management Corporation - $500 to establish a kitchen and garden composting program for the Village of La Ronge

June 2015
St. Volodymyr Ukrainian Catholic Eparchial Camp - $500 to support nature programs at camp (bat houses, light pollution and star gazing, composting, trip to Pike Lake)

May 2015
Ecology Camps for Kids - $500 to support children's ecology camps

Two Green Wheels - $500 to support a bicycle-powered compost pick-up service in Saskatoon

PCAP - SK - $200 for prizes for the Native Prairie Appreciation Week youth poster contest

April 2015
Melfort Cross-Country Ski Club - $500 to repair the ski trails in Fort a la Corne provincial forest

Karen Farmer, Brit MacDonald (SFBLC), Prairie Garden Seed - $500 to establish the Saskatoon Seed Library

Macklin Daycare Inc. - $500 to set up raised garden beds and a compost bin

McDermid Community School Kindergarten (Regina) - $500 to set up raised beds for a school garden

Resort Village of Chorney Beach - $500 to purchase fruit trees, shrubs, and plants for a Nature Sanctuary

Nature Regina - $1,000 to purchase new signage for their Hidden Valley Sanctuary

March 2015
St. Gerard School, Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools - $250 for a grade 4 class to participate in the Habitats and Adaptations program, Saskatoon Zoo Society

Anna & Doug Carman and Brent Veitch - $500 to support a solar power research project

P.J. Gillen School, Esterhazy - $500 to support the Go Green Club's projects (water, recycling, composting)

February 2015
Ecoquest, Saskatoon Public Schools - $500 to support bicycle-generated power and solar power in the classroom as part of their Student Action for a Sustainable Future project

Saskatoon Nature Society - $1000 to support the publication and distribution of an updated edition of their Guide to Nature Viewing Sites in and around Saskatoon

January 2015
Saskatoon Cycles - $500 to support Saskatoon's first Winter Cycling Fest

Young Parent Program, Moose Jaw Family Services - $500 for a composting program and garden-related children's activities

Saskatchewan Eco Network - $500 to support the 2015 Saskatoon Environmental Film Festival

Crystal's Home, North Battleford - $500 for a small space community container garden where youth will learn about recycling, composting, rain harvesting, nutrition, and teamwork

Wild About Saskatoon - $5,000 to support the 2015 NatureCity Festival

2014 Total $14,500 to 17 projects
November 2014
John Paul II KEY CLUB, North Battleford - $500 to support their tree planting project

September 2014
Saskatchewan Environmental Society/Western Development Museum - $2,000 to expand and maintain the Smarter Science, Better Buildings education program

July 2014
Saskatoon Friendship Inn - $1000 to purchase reusable cups so they can stop using disposable styrofoam ones.

May 2014

Salthaven West Wildlife Rehabilitation & Education Centre - $500 to build outdoor enclosures for injured wildlife

Biology 20 class, Aberdeen Composite School - $500 to purchase and plant trees in Aberdeen

April 2014
Buffalo Narrows Community Garden - $500 to establish a community Garden

Saskatchewan Solar Tours - $500 towards the 2014 bus tour of renewable energy sites in Regina and Moose Jaw

March 2014
Grade 8 class, Ecole Alvin Buckwold School - $500 to purchase automatic light sensors to reduce energy usage in their school

Prairie Habitat Garden, College of Education - $300 towards an Ecological Camp for Youth

CISV Shaunavon - $500 towards the May Mini Camp in the Cypress Hills

Wild about Saskatoon - $5000 towards the NatureCity Festival 2014

February 2014
Saskatchewan EcoNetwork - $500 towards the Saskatchewan Environmental Film Festival

Brittney Hoemsen/TRoutreach Saskatchewan - $500 for further research into the ecosystem health of Saskatchewan streams

January 2014
Louise Jones & Anna Leighton (Northeast Swale Watchers) - $200 to attend the Urban Transportation conference

NPSS AGM & Conference - $500 sponsorship

2013 Total $24,500 to 18 projects
December 2013
Carrot River Valley Watershed Association - $500 to provide area schools with mini watershed models and educational books so that learning continues after the Association’s presentations

Outdoor School, Saskatoon Public Schools - $500 to travel to Yoho National Park and discuss the impacts of climate change on the South Saskatchewan watershed

September 2013

Rosemont Community School - $500 to help with establishing an edible plants garden for students.

August 2013

Francis Baita - $500 to help with research on sustainable diet production

June 2013

Conscience International - $500 towards a shoe recycling project

May 2013
Ecology Camp for Kids - $500 to help with the Junior Leader Program

Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve - $5000 towards their nature Discovery Trail

April 2013
The Garden Patch - $1500 for a cargo bike to transport produce to the Saskatoon Food Bank

CISV Saskatoon - $500 to help with an environmentally themed youth camp

March 2013
CHEP Good Food Inc. - $10,000 to hire someone for the summer to work on the Backyard Garden Sharing Program

Grade 8 Experiential Program, Dr. J.G. Egnatoff School - $500 to provide reusable dishware for Dish It Up, providing hot, healthy school lunches without creating waste

University of Saskatchewan, Planning Students' Association - $500 to support CurioCity, an urban planning symposium promoting environmentally conscious transportation choices, local food security, and environmentally, economically and community-sensitive infill projects

February 2013

January 2013

2012 Total $11,850 to 19 projects
October 2012
Francis Baita - $500 towards SPIN farming in Uganda (see: Financial Support for SPIN Farming in Uganda)

August 2012
The Stall Gallery - $350 towards Parking Day events

Our Saskatoon - $350 towards Parking Day events

TRoutreach Saskatchewan - $350 to support their fisheries research

July 2012
Saskatoon Cycles - $500 for the Bike Valet at the Fringe

Whitespace Initiatives - $500 towards the development of Pando Branches - an organizational tool for Out of Your Tree

June 2012

Saskatoon Cycles - $350 for the Bike Valet at the Civic Pancake Breakfast

TRoutreach Saskatchewan - $350 to support their fisheries research

Upper Souris Watershed Association - $350 to promote public awareness of the importance of water

May 2012
Saskatoon Nature Society - $500 towards the expense of offering tours of the Northeast Swale at Swale of a Day on June 10. Saskatoon residents are justifiably proud of the trails and parks along the river. Let's make it our goal to add the Swale to our repertoire of urban nature preserves, protecting the plants and animals for future generations to enjoy. (see: Saskatoon's Northeast Swale: Ancient River Valley, Urban Nature Reserve)

Craik Eco-Village / Delila Jahn-True - $250 to support Delila's participation in the World Environment Day activities at Craik on June 5. Delila will read from her book, Advice between Kingdoms - How the Hays moved Trash Mountain and organize some games to demonstrate how easy it can be to recycle waste.

Emmanuel Village Community Garden - $250 to assist with the cost of planting fruit trees and bringing in compost to extend the size of the garden. This will help to meet the demand for garden plots in one of Saskatoon's newest community gardens.

Meadow Lake Junior Forest Wardens - $250 to assist with the costs of an annual clean-up at Pagan Lake. It's a bigger job than usual this year due to last summer's windstorms, which caused major damage. They'll also install new signs, groom the trails, and build and install bird and bat boxes. (see: Meadow Lake Junior Forest Wardens Pagan Lake Clean-Up)

April 2012
Friends of the Royal Saskatchewan Museum - $500 to support the Eco-Warriors Club, a new initiative. The club, for kids ages 9-12, combines field trips (e.g. the compost facilities at the RCMP Training Depot) and speakers (e.g. from the Burrowing Owl Interpretive Centre).

March 2012

February 2012
Saskatchewan Eco-network - $500 to support the Environmental Film Festival

January 2012
Native Plant Society of Saskatchewan - $1000 to sponsor their annual conference (see: Native Plant Society of Saskatchewan)