Tuesday 13 July 2021

EcoSask News, July 13, 2021


Upcoming Events 
Library of Things, Saskatoon, is reopening on July 17 from 1-4 pm. Pick up is by reservation only from the back door in the alley. 

Learn about bats from 7-8:30 pm, July 22, at Station 20 West in Saskatoon. Email communitygardens@chep.org to register (space is limited). 

Golden Eagles, a sub-group of the Saskatoon Nature Society, will be holding a variety of events on Thursdays in July and August. 
July 15 - Maymont area 
July 22 - Northeast Swale 
July 29 - Round Prairie 

Local News 
The Saskatchewan Environmental Society has spoken out on the importance of ensuring the safety of the Line 5 pipeline: “The Governor of Michigan and its residents have legitimate reasons to be concerned about Enbridge’s safety record. . . . The governments of Saskatchewan, Alberta and Canada should not simply be asking for Line 5 to remain open, but should simultaneously be pressing Enbridge to greatly improve its attention to pipeline safety in the state of Michigan and ensure full compliance with its easement agreement.” [Saskatchewan Environmental Society

The Village of Riverhurst is restoring a wetland at the entrance to their village. “We're hoping to use this as a demonstration site for other landowners and municipalities so they can know how to protect their own wetlands. For school-aged kids, they'll be able to come to learn about all the different birds and plants that live in a wetland." [West Central Online

Canada spent $23 billion to support pipelines in just 3 years: “When government money is tied up in a polluting industry there’s less money to invest in clean energy.” [The Tyee]

James Glennie, formerly of SaskWind, says Saskatchewan will lose jobs and engineering innovation through its emphasis on oil rather than renewables: “We should be developing a local supply chain because we do have the best wind and solar resources in Canada . . . . We have nothing to deliver on that and I think that’s a shame, a real shame.” [Regina Leader Post]

Carbon capture isn’t the answer: “Our state is addicted to fossil fuels and, like many addicts, instead of seeking to break our addiction. We seek ways to become functional addicts.” [DeSmog

Sustainable Choices
Don’t (just) fight the plastic, challenge those producing it. Write to the companies that use plastic packaging and ask what they’re doing to reduce their use of plastic. [The Earthbound Report]
Renting clothes is not a sustainable fashion option after all due to dry cleaning, delivery, and packaging costs. “You want to be sustainable? Buy less, buy better.” [The Guardian

Bumblebee on flowering Linden tree 

Yellowstone to Yukon (Y2Y) proposes to preserve a 2,000 mile stretch of the Continental Divide eco-region by connecting recognized wildlife strongholds (Yellowstone, Banff, Jasper) with habitat bridges, wildlife corridors, and wildways. It’s an exercise in cooperation, “trying to blend conservation needs with the interests of local human communities.” [book excerpt, The Revelator

Florida has committed to establishing a wildlife corridor from the Alabama state line to the Florida Keys, nearly 800 miles. [New Yorker

Let's Hear It For the Birds!
The winners of the 2021 Audubon Photography Awards. And, advice from the award winners on how to become a better bird photographer

Two sandhill cranes in Alberta celebrate the birth of their young with song and dance. [Red Deer Advocate]

Did you know? Sandhill Crane mate for life and can live for up to 36 years.

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