Tuesday 6 July 2021

EcoSask News, July 6, 2021

White-tailed deer

Upcoming Events 
Sierra Club – Prairie Chapter is organizing a series of hikes in Saskatchewan this summer: 
7 pm, July 6 – Cranberry Flats Conservation Area, Saskatoon (1.8 mile loop, easy) 
7 pm, July 9 – Northeast Swale, Saskatoon (5 km, easy) 
1:30 pm, July 15 – Anglin Lake Loop, Prince Albert (9 km, moderate) 
noon, July 20 – Fairy Hill Trail, Regina (5.6 km, moderate) 
11 am, July 21 – Wascana Trail Loop, Regina (4.8 km, easy) 

There will be a Train the Trainer: Orienteering workshop in Regina from 10 am-noon, July 10. 

City of Saskatoon residents can dispose of household hazardous waste from 9 am to 3:30 pm on July 11. 

Miniature urban forests, from 6 to 250 square metres, may not solve climate change but “can have positive impacts on things like urban cooling, water regulation, and biodiversity.” [National Geographic

Canadian government and industry representatives are lobbying against a California proposal that would protect intact boreal forests and respect Indigenous rights. [The Narwahl

Protecting endangered species is never easy and often conflicts with industry. Take, for example, the marbled murrelet in BC: “The marbled murrelet may be small, but its nesting habitat requirements are vast and specific. Just a moss covered branch that’s high in the canopy of a centuries-old tree, close— but not too close—to the sea.” [Capital Daily

Urban Opportunities 
What a wealth of natural resources and biodiversity in the area currently under consideration for the new University Heights neighbourhood in Saskatoon! Rare plants and birds, wetlands, native grasses, a sharp-tailed grouse lek, and more are all at risk from construction, roads, and houses. [City of Saskatoon

Cities can help solve the biodiversity crisis with wildlife creating niches in unexpected places - from golf courses and cemeteries to community gardens, backyards, and vacant lots. [Yale Environment 360

Green roofs have an important role in climate action and sustainable, energy-efficient and biodiversity-integrated design and development. [National Environmental Treasure

A water treatment plant in Halifax will supply renewable energy to six mixed-use buildings. [Water Canada

Diesel subsidies to remote communities impede transition to clean energy systems. [Pembina Institute]

What a Great Idea! 
A decommissioned bridge across the Mississippi River could be turned into a national park and wildlife bridge. [Inhabitat

Alex Honnold’s Sustainability Tick List outlines small steps leading to big change in lowering our environmental impact. [Honnold Foundation

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