Tuesday 2 February 2021

EcoSask News, February 2, 2021


Solarpunk is “at once a vision of the future, a thoughtful provocation, and an achievable lifestyle.” 

This Week's Highlights
Find out why northern Saskatchewan muskegs matter and what we can do to protect them in an online discussion from 7-8:30 pm, Feb. 10.

Turning anxiety into action: how to support young people in creating a better world
Upcoming Events
Micro-Grids & Batteries, Feb. 3 (online) 
Ryan Jansen will discuss the use of micro-grids and battery integration at Cowessess First Nation at the breakfast meeting of EMTF- SK. 

Get Outside – McKell Wascana, Feb. 5 (Regina) 
Explore McKell Wascana Conservation Area with Nature Regina at 10, 11:15, 1, or 2:15, Feb. 5. 

Learn to Camp, Feb. 8 (online) 
Saskatoon Public Library is offering a series of workshops with basic camping skills and activities: 
7-8 pm, Feb. 8 – Survive Outside 

Finding Your Inner Scientist, Feb. 10 (online) 
Renny Grilz, Meewasin Valley Authority, will go over the ins and outs of collecting information about the world around you from noon-1 pm, Feb. 10, in an online webinar. 

Greater Sage-Grouse in Montana, Feb. 10 (online) 
There will be a webinar on greater sage-grouse in Montana at noon, Feb. 10, as part of the Native Prairie Speaker Series. 

A full list of upcoming events (online and in person) can be found on the EcoFriendly Sask Calendar 

Local News 
From Information to Action 
“What works for me right now is buying things second hand to avoid fast fashion, but also trying to buy things less - only when I need something. . . . My next goal to continue improving the sustainability of my clothing lifestyle is to learn how to sew, so that I can mend my clothes instead of needing to replace them.” 

The Clean Fuel Standard, a proposed federal regulation, will spur the development of clean energy solutions


Books, Videos, Podcasts 
“Taking action over a situation that you can’t control is one of the few things that relieves depression and anxiety” How to Prepare for Climate Change: A Practical Guide to Surviving the Chaos [book] 

A Climate Emergency Toolkit for Christian organizations 

Treeline: Follow a group of skiers, snowboarders, scientists and healers to the birch forests of Japan, the red cedars of British Columbia and the bristlecones of Nevada [40-minute video] 

The Sustainability Dialogues: Ice, glaciers, and the climate crisis [podcast] 

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Did you know? White-tailed Deer use scent to communicate with other animals. Every step is marked by a smelly substance from glands between their toes.