Tuesday 21 July 2020

EcoSask News, July 21, 2020


Upcoming Events
Logging in the Boreal Forest, July 23 (webinar) 
The results of a recent report on the challenges industrial logging in the boreal forest poses for Canada's climate change commitments is scheduled for 11 am-noon (SK time), July 23.

Scavenger Hunt, July 27 (Yorkton) 
4-12 year olds are invited to participate in a nature walk scavenger hunt hosted by the Yorkton Flyway Birding Trail Association from 2-3:30 pm, July 27. Register by phoning the Yorkton Public Library at (306) 783-3523.

Pronghorn Conservation, July 27 (webinar)
Join Nature Conservancy of Canada – Alberta for a webinar about Pronghorn Xing at 12 noon, July 27.

A full list of upcoming events (online and in person) can be found on the EcoFriendly Sask Calendar

Local News
The University of Saskatchewan has launched a Master of Energy Security program aimed at professionals and community members who are interested in a part-time, online program. Application deadline is July 31

The Moose Jaw River Watershed Stewards has received a $45,000 grant to establish a food farm and pollinator garden at Prince Arthur School

Proposed upgrades to Little Red River Park in Prince Albert include Indigenous ceremonial grounds, an outdoor environmental centre, and a pilot project for low-impact camping

The SK government is failing to consider the hidden costs and long-term consequences of a large-scale irrigation project at Lake Diefenbaker

Prairie dog

Prairie dogs are ecological heroes, helping to conserve and manage grassland biodiversity

Reforestation project in the Canora area will act as an important green buffer and wildlife corridor

Nature Saskatchewan responds to social distancing with nature journals, bingo cards, and virtual tours

The Northeast Swale Watchers have resigned from the committee planning the Saskatoon Freeway: “Although we continue to believe that we have much to contribute to this discussion, it has become clear that our concerns are being ignored within this process”

From Information to Action
Understanding which birds are most likely to collide with buildings – migrants, insect-eaters, woodland species – we are better equipped to prevent it happening

10 suggestions for being an ally of Indigenous-led conservation

A growing number of PEI potato farmers are planting small plots of pollinator-friendly flowers and other plants in less productive parts of their fields

The future of Libraries of Things includes self-serve, tech-driven options with municipal support

Triodoos, an ethical banking group, has designed its new office building to be not only energy positive but also fully reconstructible

Andean condor

That’s Amazing!
Some deep-sea fish camouflage themselves by absorbing up to 99.956 percent of the light that hits them. Some even have ultra-black gut linings, likely to keep them from glowing like lanterns when they eat bioluminescent prey

Riding the air currents – the Andean Condor can fly for more than 5 hours without flapping its wings

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