Tuesday 7 July 2020

EcoSask News, July 7, 2020

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Upcoming Events
Nature Trivia Night, July 15 (Regina, online) 
Nature Saskatchewan, in conjunction with Mystery Mansion Regina, is hosting an online nature trivia night at 7 pm, July 15. Registration is free but space is limited to 20 teams. Register early to avoid disappointment by emailing mysterymansionregina@gmail.com.

ReCreation Your Summer, July 20 (Yorkton, online)
Talia from Yellowhead Flyway Birding Trailing Association will provide a fun way for kids of all ages to get moving while enjoying the outdoors on July 20.

SK Plants & Animals, July 20 (Yorkton, online) 
4-12 year olds are invited to attend a nature presentation hosted by the Yorkton Flyway Birding Trail Association from 2-2:30 pm, July 20. Register by phoning the Yorkton Public Library at (306) 783-3523.

Saskatoon Freeway Focus Groups, July 20/21 (online) 
The Ministry of Highways is hosting virtual public focus groups (6-8 pm, July 20 & 21 for the general public; 2-4 pm, July 21 for environmental organizations) so residents, landowners, and stakeholders can share their thoughts on environmental considerations they would like to see reflected in the proposed 4-6 lane Saskatoon Freeway that will cross the Northeast and Small Swales. Register online for your choice of dates.

Youth Storytelling
Waterlution is offering youth storytelling workshops, camps, and contests. 19-29 year olds can apply by July 13 for a place on the youth advisory board.

A full list of upcoming events (online and in person) can be found on the EcoFriendly Sask Calendar

Local News 
Robert Halliday, chair of Partners FOR the Saskatchewan River Basin, and John Pomeroy, Global Water Futures, point out that the proposed irrigation project at Lake Diefenbaker will impact downstream water users, Indigenous communities, the Churchill River delta, hydro electricity, and must take into account a shifting climate.

New highway projects fail to take into account induced demand which, in the long-term, results in longer trips, traffic congestion, and reduced speeds #SaskatoonFreeway

Oil and gas, the industrial production of wheat and cattle, and commercial fishing have been sold to us as life-giving and necessary. . . . The truth is that these industries have existed for fewer than 500 years, were established to help eradicate Indigenous nations, and contribute to rapid loss of soil nutrients, tanking biodiversity, proliferation of dangerous diseases, and climate catastrophe

Wild rose
“Mounting evidence suggests that we’re in the midst of an unprecedented roadkill reprieve, a stay of execution for untold millions of wild creatures

Take advantage of the societal changes brought about by Covid-19 to increase urban green spaces and encourage walking for recreation

From Information to Action
What if we made producers responsible for the garbage they create? Extended Producer Responsibility: Designing the Regulatory Framework outlines the concept of EPR, its history, objectives, regulatory mechanisms, and stakeholder roles

Quiet Parks International is working to establish certification for quiet parks to raise awareness of and preserve quiet places

Do you use plastic row covers in your garden? Plants can absorb tiny pieces of plastic through their roots, affecting the food we eat and possibly changing the plants’ genetic makeup

Over the past 5 years, remote communities in Canada have reduced their diesel use by over 12 million litres

wild rose

That’s Amazing!
A cuckoo returned safely from a 26,000 km round trip involving 27 border crossings and 16 countries – that’s a long way to travel in search of some tasty caterpillars!

Three cheers for BC’s white-throated sparrows whose new tune has gone viral across Canada

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