Thursday 18 January 2018

Have You Got an Environmental Project We Can Help You with in 2018?

White pelicans

What environmental issue is of greatest concern to you? Is it light pollution, protecting native grassland, food waste, urban wildlife, renewable energy? Have you got an idea that you think could make a difference but need some financial assistance? Maybe we can help.

EcoFriendly Action Grants (usually $500) are designed to assist individuals and organizations in Saskatchewan with projects that will protect, preserve, or repair the natural environment. This can be direct (habitat restoration, energy conservation) or indirect (environmental education, promotion of local natural habitats).

Have you got a project we can help you with in 2018? Here are some ideas to stimulate your imagination.

Co-existing with Wildlife
Living Skies Wildlife Rehabilitation and Saskatoon Nature Society sponsored a speaker at last year’s NatureCity Festival on safeguarding birds in the urban environment. What else can we do to promote harmonious co-existence with wildlife?

Beavers – We don’t have to slaughter beavers to stop them from harming our urban infrastructure. The Fur-Bearers offers technical workshops for municipal staff and community members regarding flow devices and other management options.

Coyotes – Common sense and education can help minimize human and wildlife encounters and conflict. Coyote Watch Canada assists communities with school and public education campaigns.


Water & Rivers – We wear jeans every day, giving little thought to their impact on the environment. Yet, each pair takes 920 gallons of water to make and their production releases toxic chemicals into some of the world’s most vital rivers. RiverBlue, a Canadian film exploring the problem and the solutions, is now available for screening in your community.

Excess Consumption
Share – Saskatoon’s Library of Things shares tools, camping gear, and kitchen gadgets that we only use occasionally. Would you like to start something similar in your community?

ReuseRepair Cafés bring people together to fix what is broken. People with experience help those without. Clothes and electrical appliances are mended rather than thrown out. Would you like to host a repair café in your community?


Urban Nature
Our towns and cities are biodiversity hotspots. What can we do to protect and support urban nature?

Pollinator Highways – The David Suzuki Foundation established its Butterflyway Project in 2017. Volunteers in five cities planted at least a dozen pollinator patches filled with native wildflowers to support butterflies, bees, and other pollinators as they travelled from one location to another.

Clean-Up Grants - Every spring, EcoFriendly Sask offers a limited number of $500 grants to clubs and voluntary organizations for cleaning up a natural area in or around their community.

For additional ideas, take a look at the accomplishments of the 2017 EcoFriendly Action Grant recipients.