Tuesday 30 January 2018

EcoSask News, January 30, 2018


Upcoming Events
Wildlife Rehabilitation, Jan. 31 (Saskatoon) 
Jan Shadick will discuss wildlife rehabilitation at 3:30 pm, Jan. 31, as part of the U of S Wild Ecol Seminar series.

Decoys Book Launch, Feb. 1 (Prince Albert) 
Bill Robertson will launch his book of poetry, Decoys, at 7 pm, Feb. 1, at the John M. Cuelenaere Library. His poems explore how his roles as father and grandfather allow him to share his love of the natural world and passion for birds.

Nature in Winter Workshops, Feb. 3 & 11 (Saskatoon) 
Lichen Nature is offering winter walks from 1-4 pm, Feb. 3 and 11, when she will answer questions about plants and animals in winter.

Between Earth and Sky, Feb. 6 (Saskatoon) 
U of S Environmental Programs is screening Between Earth and Sky: Climate Change on the Last Frontier at 5:30 pm, Feb. 6, to be followed by a reception and discussion.

Climate Change, Feb. 7 (Edenwold) 
Jared Clarke is giving a presentation on climate change at 7 pm, Feb. 7, in Edenwold.

Bus Rapid Transit, Feb. 7 (Saskatoon)
City of Saskatoon is holding a come-and-go event from 5:30-8 pm, Feb. 7, to discuss the City's re-envisioned transit system based around Bus Rapid Transit.

Air Source Heat Pumps, Feb. 7 (Saskatoon) 
Mike Nemeth, Radiance Cohousing, will discuss Air Source Heat Pumps at the Feb. 7 meeting of the Saskatchewan Energy Management Task Force.

Family Fun Cross-Country Ski Event, Feb. 10 (Regina) 
Join SaskOutdoors for a family-friendly cross-country ski event from 2-4 pm, Feb. 10, at the White Butte Ski Trails near Regina.

Meet a Burrowing Owl, Feb. 10 (Saskatoon) 
Meet a burrowing owl at Wild Birds Unlimited at 12:30 pm, Feb. 10.

Meet a Red-tailed Hawk, Feb. 10 (Saskatoon)
Meet Jadis, a red-tailed hawk, at 3 pm, Feb. 10, at Wild Birds Unlimited.

Kȏna Wanuskewin Winter Festival, Feb. 10 (Saskatoon) 
Lots of outdoor activities on Feb. 10 at Wanuskewin’s Kȏna Festival.

Wildlife Rehab Fundraiser, Feb. 10 (Saskatoon) 
Living Sky Wildlife Rehabilitation is holding a fundraising dinner on Feb. 10.

Create a Hummingbird-Friendly Garden, Feb. 11 (Saskatoon) 
Lyndon Penner will share his passion for plants and hummingbirds at 2:30 pm, Feb. 11, at Wild Birds Unlimited.

Looking Ahead
Education for Sustainable Development Award Applications, Mar. 31 
Application forms are now available for RCE SK’s Education for Sustainable Development awards. Return completed applications by Mar. 31.

Wilderness First Aid, Apr. 13-15 (Saskatoon) 
SaskOutdoors is hosting a Wilderness & Remote First Aid course, Apr. 13-15, close to Saskatoon.

Waste Reforum 2018, Apr. 18-20 (Regina) 
The annual Waste Reforum will be held from Apr. 18-20 in Regina.

A full list of upcoming events can be found on the EcoFriendly Sask Calendar 

In the News 
A group in Prince Albert is setting up a monthly Repair Café.

Animals need to move in order to find food, shelter, and a mate. A global study shows animals are moving distances two to three times shorter in areas disturbed by humans than in the wilderness.

Wild Words - posters designed by local teenagers and young people to promote the importance of protecting urban wildlife and greenspaces.

The health care system is responsible for 10% of US greenhouse gas emissions. The culprit? Anaesthetics.

Toledo’s mayor has pledged to commute by bus one day a week.

Food for Thought 
"we continue to sign up to the very Victorian and out-dated view that nature is something to be controlled and tamed, we've simply lost our natural tolerance. Repeatedly I'm bombarded with examples of our disconnection and intolerance of things which to me are part of the holistic beauty of a world we should be part of, not fighting against. Whether it's worm casts on the lawn, wasps in the attic, birds or bats with the audacity to dare nest on our own homes or a family of slow-worms killed because they were misidentified as Adders" [ReWild: The Art of Returning to Nature, Nick Baker]

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