Tuesday 7 November 2017

EcoSask News, November 7, 2017

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Upcoming Events
Songwriting for Nature Wind-Up Show, Nov. 9 (Regina)
Enjoy songs inspired by Last Mountain Lake National Wildlife Area at 7 pm, Nov. 9, at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum.

Quartet for the End of Time, Nov. 12 (Saskatoon)
The Elixir Ensemble, with Margaret Wilson, clarinetist, will perform the Quartet for the End of Time at 2:30 pm, Nov. 12. This piece of music was the first attempt to compose music based on an analysis and adaptation of the structure and rhythms of birdsong.

Saskatoon Cycles AGM, Nov. 15 (Saskatoon)
Saskatoon Cycles is holding their annual general meeting from 7-9 pm, Nov. 15.

Water Management & Species at Risk, Nov. 16 (Saskatoon)
Michael Pollock, Saskatoon Water Security Agency, will discuss the responses of birds and other vertebrates to changing water levels and relate these to balancing the needs of wildlife, including endangered species, with the needs of farmers and municipalities at risk of flooding at the Nov. 16 meeting of the Saskatoon Nature Society.

Household Hazardous Waste Day, Nov. 18 (Saskatoon)
You can dispose of household hazardous waste in Saskatoon from 9 am–3:30 pm, Nov. 18.

Freeze Up Play Day, Nov. 19 (Great Blue Heron Provincial Park)
Join SaskOutdoors for an all-ages-friendly event exploring the boreal forest in the in-between season and meet a yard full of puppies at Sundog Excursions on Nov. 19.

Looking Ahead
Passive House Design & Construction, Nov. 23-26 (Saskatoon)
Passive House Design and Construction, a four-day course covering the technical, economic, and policy elements of Passive House buildings, is being offered in Saskatoon from Nov. 23-26.

A full list of upcoming events can be found on the EcoFriendly Sask Calendar 

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Elizabeth May discusses successful political policies and actions for going green on Defender Radio.

Mountaineers discuss the impacts of climate change on mountain communities.

In the News
If you find a bat in your home or office, call the WRSOS hotline. Or, if you’re in Regina, the Saskatchewan Science Centre will give them a cozy home for the winter.

“The breadth and depth of the climate change issue is such that no one policy instrument is sufficient to meet Canada’s 2030 GHG reduction target. There is no magic bullet,” said Dale Eisler, co-author of a new report on climate change in Saskatchewan.

Urbanization is reshaping and creating new species of microbes, plants, and animals.

Rethinking agriculture: Is it possible to use crops with lower water needs without affecting the level of production?

Biofuels from agricultural waste instead of food crops are finally reaching the market.

Walking is a man’s best medicine, Hippocrates declared. The 2017 Walking Summit outlined problems for pedestrians but also highlighted communities that are getting it right.

Climate change lawsuits: Global warming is increasingly being fought in the courtroom.

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