Sunday 21 March 2021

Regina Car Share Co-operative

1. How and when did you form your group? 
Regina Car Share Co-operative was formed in 2008 as an idea to reduce emissions and provide a service growing in popularity around the world. Regina is designed to be a car-centric city, so our members are typically people used to living without owning a vehicle but who like to use one occasionally to meet needs or desires not served by public transportation or bicycles. A few dozen people met a couple of times for community potlucks to discuss how to start a car share service, and we agreed a co-operative was the right way to proceed. With some government grant money to operate an office and a private loan to purchase a vehicle, we had our first car shared to members the following year. 

2. What are your principal activities and why do you believe they’re important? 
We principally exist as a way to reduce carbon emissions in our province, and we do that by operating a car share co-op in Regina. Members of our co-operative share use of vehicles that are generally better than ones they could privately own, and they take up less space and fewer resources by being shared. 

3. What were your successes (big or small) in 2020? 
We survived the first year of the pandemic without government assistance. Additionally, with the generous support of Affinity Credit Union, we were able to add 2 electric vehicles to our fleet, replacing one of our aging vehicles. 

4. What would you like to achieve in 2021? 
We hope to double our membership in 2021, which would support our expansion to other vehicle locations and types like a pickup truck. 

5. If you could have 3 wishes for improving your community, what would they be? 
Improved public transportation and cycling infrastructure are important to us because our members tend to use each when they don't use our service. The City Council motion to get Regina to 100% Renewable by 2050 is something we're interested in facilitating. 

6. Are there volunteer opportunities with your organization? If so, please describe them and indicate how people can contact you. 
Memberships in our Co-op are only $10, and members can serve on the Board of Directors. We're currently seeking 1-2 new board members to join our team of dedicated environmentalists who have a vision of a Renewable Regina and a passion to get there by operating Saskatchewan's first car share co-op. We could use a variety of skills, so please contact us at or 306-550-7223. 

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