Tuesday 30 April 2013

EcoSask News, April 30, 2013

Birds and Crocuses
Join the Saskatoon Nature Society on their frequent birdwatching field trips. Additional information is available on their website.
May 4 – Crocus Hike to Peturrson’s Ravine (new date)
May 8 – Ducks at Lakewood Park

Wings Over Wascana, May 10-11
Regina’s annual Wings Over Wascana Nature Festival will be held on May 10-11 and includes crafts, displays, presentations, eco treks, and other activities.

Clay Plasters & Paints Workshop, May 18-19
Happy Bugs Farm is hosting a Dirt Craft workshop on the Art of Making and Applying Clay Plasters & Paints on May 18 and 19.

NatureCity Festival, May 25-31
We’re looking forward to the NatureCity Festival from May 25 to 31. Be sure to check the calendar of events. There’s something for everyone - from a community supper hosted by Slow Food Saskatoon and CHEP Good Food Inc. to a home composting workshop, birdwatching, and a revolutionary tea party. Should be fun.

Nature Saskatchewan Spring Meet, June 14-16
Nature Saskatchewan is holding their Spring Meet from June 14-16. There will be a full-day tour of Grasslands National Park, including a talk by Bob Peart: “A Quick Look at the State of the World’s Grasslands.”

Prairie Pastures, June 24-28
Margaret Atwood and Graeme Gibson will be visiting Saskatchewan’s community pastures from June 24-28 to help raise awareness of the need to conserve these lands.

Marketing Waste 
Budweiser is introducing “bow-tie” beer cans. They may stand out and look fancy, but they require twice the amount of aluminum of an ordinary can. That’s a steep cost to the environment for a disposable item.

Will driverless cars lead to more traffic congestion and greater fuel consumption?

Virtual car racing with electric and hybrid cars (Thanks, Derek!)

Bird-Friendly Gardens
Choose the right plants, set up a few bird feeders and birdhouses and you’ll have a bird-friendly garden.

Interesting Reading
A sustainable vision of Regina’s future from Vision of Earth

Preserving open space will require public-private partnerships

The urgent need to rebuild the community of naturalists

Why isn’t energy efficiency more popular? Is it too confusing?

Revolutionary new lighting technology

Does the bicycle create a greater appreciation of nature?

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