Tuesday 22 January 2013

EcoSask News, January 22, 2013


Community Pastures, Jan. 23
PFRA Community Pasture patron representatives will attend an all-pastures meeting in Saskatoon on January 23 at the Sutherland Hall to discuss transition of the PFRA and proposed sale or lease of these lands by the Province of Saskatchewan to individual patron groups. Confirmed speakers include: Lyle Stewart, SK Minister of Agriculture; Darrell Crabbe, Executive Director, Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation; Barry Lowe, Chair, Steering Committee for Association of Manitoba Community Pastures; Mert Taylor, Agriculture Union-PSAC (PFRA managers and riders); and Brad Michael and Krystine Lamotte, FSIN.

Winter Cycling Workshop, Jan. 28
The University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union is hosting a Winter Cycling Workshop on January 28 from 3:30-5 pm in the Roy Romanow Student Council Chamber, Upper Place Riel. Learn how to cycle safely in winter and pick up some tips from avid winter cyclists.

Too Much Garbage & Water
Canada produces twice as much garbage, per person, as Japan and uses nine times more water than Denmark. Individual efforts can make a difference:

Saskatoon CarShare Co-operative
The Saskatoon CarShare Co-operative has secured $10,000 in funding from Affinity Credit Union and $4,000 from the Saskatchewan Co-operative Association to help develop their business and marketing plans.

Turn It Down
Lowering the temperature of your house at night by just 1°C can save you up to 5% on your heating bills. Plus you’ll sleep better and use less energy.

We’re not doing too badly in Saskatchewan, but we can do better – let’s beat BC and the Maritimes. (Photo Credit: Nest Energy)

Energy & Climate Change
Battling Canada’s Carbon Addiction, a recent article in Alternatives Journal, provides links to a wealth of resource materials on progressing towards a low-carbon future in Canada as well as an interview with Dr. Bernard Fleet.

A coalition of US academic researchers is preparing to lead a national effort to study the health effects of fracking.

New Jersey has become a leader in solar energy capacity and is turning contaminated land into solar farms.

Urban Life
Only 25% of primary school children in Great Britain walk to school, which is a shame as they miss out on an opportunity to chat with their friends, observe their surroundings, learn to take care of themselves, and get some exercise.

Bicycles, pedestrian-friendly plazas and walkways, new bus lines, and parking meters are combining to transform parts of Mexico City from a traffic nightmare to a commuter's paradise.

Whole Foods’ goal of long-term sustainability includes local produce, less packaging, and alternate energy. Will they also consider rooftop farms, longer building lifespans, and more stores in dense, walkable neighbourhoods?

Can lighting  help transform Riversdale? Pedestrian-friendly lighting and light displays have certainly made a difference in Philadelphia.

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