Tuesday 11 May 2021

EcoSask News, May 11, 2021


This Week’s Highlights 
The Provincial Association of Resort Communities of Saskatchewan is hosting a series of webinars on water, including one on the rights of nature at 7 pm, May 19. 

Natures Wild Neighbours Society invites you to upload your nature-inspired art, photography, writing, video, or music entry before June 1, 2021, for a chance to win some wild prizes (full contest details). 

Upcoming Events 
Permaculture Saskatchewan is holding its annual general meeting online at 7 pm, May 17. 

Join Nature Regina from 7-8:30 pm, May 17, for a presentation on the Suzuki Foundation’s Butterflyway Project. Several Nature Regina members have been selected to be Butterflyway rangers. 

There will be a virtual panel discussion on climate risk disclosure and Saskatchewan business from 12-1:30 pm, May 18. Register early to avoid disappointment. 

For Our Kids Saskatchewan will share information and ideas for climate action from 7-8:30 pm, May 20, online. 

SaskOutdoors is offering a Paddle Canada Lake Canoe course in Saskatoon from May 22-24. 

Looking Ahead 
The Society for Range Management – Prairie Parkland Chapter is holding a hands-on/virtual learning workshop on May 26-27 entitled Back to the Field: Discovering the Dunes in Dundurn: Range Health and Rare Plants

SaskOutdoors is hosting a remote first aid workshop near Saskatoon on June 5-6. 

House Wren with a nice juicy spider

Local News 
The public is invited to complete an online survey between May 12 and June 2 on the City of Saskatoon's proposed Renewable Energy Strategy that will inventory, analyze, and prioritize renewable energy options in Saskatoon based on their financial, environmental, and social impacts.

A grade 7 class from Lac La Ronge Indian Band has collected over 20,000 signatures calling on the government to reject a proposal to mine peat moss near La Ronge. 

Urban Transit 
Take a close look at all the different modes of urban transit and there’s one that stands head and shoulders above all the others in terms of environmental impact – cycling. “We need more bikes generally and more e-bikes specifically on the road, which means your city needs to invest in bike-lane infrastructure to make people safe and comfortable on two wheels.” 

An Alberta farmer is taking abandoned oil well sites and transforming them into solar farms. “Farmers get new lease revenues, counties get taxes lost from abandoned wells and presto energy transition.” 

“Anyone doing home renovations or a new build should take time to ensure their electrical grid is equipped to handle an electric-vehicle charging station.” 

“Creepy Crawlies” 
Pesticides are killing the earthworms, beetles, ants, and other soil-dwelling invertebrates that are critical to maintaining healthy soils

“Spiders need our help, and we may need to overcome our biases and fears to make that happen.” Spiders have “enormous ecological value as food for birds and other animals. They’re also important to people, both as predators of pest species and as inspiration for medicines and engineering.” 

Did you know? Grass Spider are also called Funnel Weaver Spider as they construct a flat, horizontal web across the grass or around buildings with a funnel on one side where they hide. The web isn't sticky, but it slows down any insects (usually flying ones) that try to cross it. The spider then rushes out from where it is hiding to grab its prey. (Nature Companion)

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