Tuesday 14 April 2020

EcoSask News, April 14, 2020


Online Events & Resources
Beavers as a Natural Infrastructure Solution, Apr. 20 (online) 
Find out how to harness beavers’ ability to assist with water storage, flood/drought risk reduction, and quality of life in a one-hour webinar from Cows & Fish and the Miistakis Institute at 11 am, Apr. 20. The webinar targets municipal planners, engineers, and related professionals and practitioners.

Earth Day Songs, Apr. 22 (online) 
Join Glen Sutter for a Facebook Live evening of original tunes and writing on Earth Day, Apr. 22, at 7 pm, and raise money for local environmental action.

One Ocean Connects Us 
Ocean School’s website uses storytelling, technology, and interactive media to help kids and adults understand our influence on the ocean and the ocean’s influence on us.

Local News
A new U of S smartphone app will help identify freshwater hotspots of nutrient contamination and encourage remedial action to reduce pollution.

The City of Saskatoon has partnered with the University of Saskatchewan to evaluate what contaminants may be entering the local river systems through stormwater.


From Information to Action
“The major impact of coronavirus on the trajectory of climate change . . . must be a collective recognition that rapid and significant voluntary changes in our behavior are possible.”

“The complete decarbonization of the global energy supply will be an extremely challenging undertaking of an unprecedented scale and complexity that will not be accomplished . . . in a matter of a few decades.” (Vaclav Smil, international authority on energy transitions)

The coronavirus crisis highlights three gaps in parks equity: accessibility, funding, and space.

That’s Amazing!
Birds practise social distancing – here’s why.

Research into plant cognition is once again achieving legitimacy within the scientific community.

David Bamberger: “My objective was to take the worst piece of land I could possibly find in the hill country of Texas and begin a process of restoration that would turn it back to one of the best. And that has happened."

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