Tuesday 18 February 2020

EcoSask News, February 18, 2020

melting frost on cedar

Upcoming Events
Permaculture AGM, Feb. 22 (Regina)
Permaculture Regina is holding its annual general meeting from 1-3 pm, Feb. 22.

Winter Fun Day, Feb. 23 (Elbow) 
Enjoy snowshoe treks and sleigh rides at Douglas Provincial Park from 1-4 pm, Feb. 23.

EnviroCollective, Feb. 24 (Regina)
There will be a presentation on RCE Saskatchewan at the 7-9 pm, Feb. 24, meeting of EnviroCollective.

Cultures of Sustainability, Feb. 25 (Regina)
There will be a talk on fostering cultures of sustainability at noon, Feb. 25, at Innovation Place Regina.

Learn to Camp, Feb. 25 (Saskatoon)
Parks Canada will provide an introduction to basic camping skills from 6:30-8:30 pm, Feb. 25.

Sharing Circle on EcoDistress, Feb. 26 (North Battleford)
Battlefords Climate Action is hosting a sharing circle on eco distress, eco anxiety, and eco grief from 6-8 pm, Feb. 26.

The Plastics Puzzle, Feb. 26 (Saskatoon)
The College of Engineering, U of S, is hosting a conversation about the plastics challenge, the impact on the environment, and where we go from here from 4:30-6 pm, Feb. 26.

Freeway Update, Feb. 26 (Saskatoon)
Learn about updates to the Saskatoon Freeway plan from 4-8 pm, Feb. 26.

Renewable City, Feb. 27 (Regina)
Emily Eaton will discuss how Regina’s renewable city motion can benefit diverse communities from 7-9 pm, Feb. 27.

Beginner Bird Id, Feb. 28 (Lloydminster)
The Saskatchewan Breeding Bird Atlas is offering a beginner bird Id workshop in Lloydminster from 7-9 pm, Feb. 28.

Alternative Grazing, Feb. 28 (webinar)
There will be a webinar on how alternative grazing practices affect the diversity and abundance of grassland birds at noon, Feb. 28.

raindrops on cedar branch

Looking Ahead
Compost Matters, Mar. 12 & 13 (Saskatoon)
A compost facility operator workshop hosted by the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council on Mar. 12 is a useful overview for those currently managing or interested in managing organics recycling facilities.

A 3-hour intensive workshop on Mar. 13 will uncover the fundamentals of soil productivity, covering soil structure, compost, and climate change.

A full list of upcoming events can be found on the EcoFriendly Sask Calendar 

In the News
A new company with Saskatoon links aims to replace plastic with natural materials that will quickly decompose in a backyard compost. Cogomelo’s “products are made from mycelium-based composites, where we use a substrate – in our case, agricultural waste – that is partially replaced as the fungal biomass grows and consumes it.” Their first product is a lint roller. You can help by participating in the company’s crowdfunding campaign.

Light pollution from oil and gas production, warehouse hubs, and greenhouses is threatening the rural night sky.

Hunters exert a disproportionate influence on wildlife management policy, especially when “more than a third of all Americans now participate in activities like bird watching, wildlife photography, or visiting parks for the purpose of observing animals.”

Ontario Nature’s Best Practices Guide to Natural Heritage Systems Planning is designed to assist with policy development as municipalities review and update their official community plans. While based on Ontario best practices, the principles can be applied universally.

The Delta Naturalists’ Society motivated their municipality to develop a birds and biodiversity conservation strategy and continue to work with the municipality on implementation.

Port O’Bristol’s organic, biodynamic wine is produced in Portugal. The wine barrels are shipped to the UK on sail-driven cargo ships where the wine is bottled in reclaimed bottles. Waste cooking oil fuels the delivery vehicles and the company uses and buys no plastic.

A bibliography of articles about “trash animals” (gulls, pigeons, rats).

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