Tuesday 20 August 2019

EcoSask News, August 20, 2019

Indian Paintbrush

Upcoming Events
Avonlea Badlands Tour, Aug. 24 (Moose Jaw) 
Members and would-be members of the Moose Jaw Nature Society will be hiking the Avonlea badlands on Aug. 24.

Low Emissions Community, Aug. 26 (Saskatoon) 
Join Climate Justice Saskatoon for a discussion about the City’s low emissions plan from 12-1 pm, Aug. 26, in front of City Hall.

Saving Wildflower Seeds, Aug. 28 (Saskatoon)
Renny Grilz, Blazing Star Wildflowers, will share how to find and harvest wildflower seeds from 5:30-7 pm, Aug. 28.

Looking Ahead
Curbside Swap, Sept. 7 (Saskatoon) 
Put out swappable items as part of the city-wide Curbside Swap on Sept. 7.

Damsels in Wilderness, Sept. 12-Dec. 12 (Saskatoon) 
Young women ages 10-12 who crave more time exploring outdoors and connecting with nature are invited to participate in Damsels in Wilderness, on Thursdays from 4-5:45 pm from Sept. 12 to Dec. 12.

Nature Saskatchewan Fall Meet, Sept. 13-15 (Greenwater) 
Nature Saskatchewan is holding its Fall Meet from Sept. 13-15 in Greenwater Lake Provincial Park.

Swap in the Park, Sept. 22 (Saskatoon) 
Bring what you want, take what you want at a reduce-reuse-recycle event from 9 am-4 pm, Sept. 22.

Indian Paintbrush

Saskatoon Nature Society Field Trips
Golden Eagles 
Aug. 29, 8 am – Lakewood & Heritage Parks
Retirees and partners who are interested in birds and the natural world are invited to participate.

Other Saskatoon Nature Society Field Trips 
Aug. 24, 8-11 am – Warbler Walk at Forestry Farm
Aug. 31, 8-11 am – Warbler Walk to Green Ash Forest
Everyone is welcome. Check the Saskatoon Nature Society’s website for full details and updated information.

A full list of upcoming events can be found on the EcoFriendly Sask Calendar 

In the News
A recent survey shows that Canadians care about climate change, many view it as an urgent emergency, and the majority believe legally-binding emissions targets must play a role in addressing this crisis.

Current global warming can be directly linked to the Industrial Revolution, clearing of forests, population growth, and use of fossil fuels.

The federal government is proposing building conduits from Lake Diefenbaker to Pasqua Lake and the Qu’Appelle Valley to irrigate as much as 100,000 new acres of land.

The Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council is planning to host a repair café in each Saskatchewan city on Oct. 26. Volunteers are needed who are handy at fixing things.

“There’s a critical need for long-term—years to decades—monitoring for potential contamination of drinking water resources not only from fracking, but also from conventional oil and gas production.”

The “Swiss Army Knife” of New York: A rooftop garden is providing food to residents, shelter for migratory birds, absorbing storm water and air pollution, and lessening noise pollution.

Green chemistry labs teach university students a sustainable and innovative mindset.

A handy guide to some of the most popular Canadian butterflies.

Denmark’s waste-to-energy plant: a global model of sustainable design.

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