Sunday 28 May 2017

2017 EcoFriendly Sask NatureCity Awards

The EcoFriendly Sask NatureCity Awards are a new initiative developed by Wild about Saskatoon for the 2017 NatureCity Festival and are sponsored by EcoFriendly Sask.

The awards were created to recognize the efforts of businesses, community initiatives, and individuals who are working to promote a sense of belonging and everyday connection between citizens and the nature within and surrounding Saskatoon.

Award Winners 
A huge round of applause for the winners of the 2017 EcoFriendly Sask NatureCity Awards:

Blazing Star Wildflower Seed Company – a family business supplying prairie gardeners with Saskatchewan-grown wildflowers

“A lot of our customers buy our seeds or plants because it reminds them of the native prairie they explored in their youth. It often gets them thinking about what has been lost and they are more likely to take steps to conserve what little native prairie remains.” 

Living Sky Wildlife Rehabilitation – teaching understanding, respect, and appreciation for our wild neighbours

“99% of the 625 plus animals that arrive on our doorstep for care have been impacted by humans. Our work is an attempt to ‘balance the scales’ of human impact.” 

Louise Jones – working tirelessly to protect urban nature, particularly the Northeast Swale

“As citizens, we must challenge our leaders to ensure that the lofty ideals about living in harmony with nature are demonstrated by our actions.” 

Thank you for all that you do and all that you are - you help make Saskatoon a great place to live.

Award winners were offered a choice of experiential outdoor adventure prizes. Many thanks to the companies who donated the prizes – we’re so glad you are helping our community to enjoy nature.

Back40 Wilderness First Aid Training (20-hour wilderness first aid training) 

Branimir Gjetvaj Photography (2-hour nature photography training session) 

CanoeSki Discovery Company (12-hour Learn to Canoe Plus course) 

Chef Jenni (wild rose petal gathering and ice cream/vinaigrette making) 

Eco Glide Adventures (tandem bike ride) 

Prairie Lily Riverboat Cruises (river cruise for 4 people)