Tuesday 6 December 2016

EcoSask News, December 6, 2016


Upcoming Events
Eco-Retrofits, Dec. 7 (Saskatoon) 
Ronn LePage, Vereco Homes, will discuss the emerging market for eco-retrofits and the research Vereco is doing to solve some of retrofits’ major challenges at the Dec. 7 meeting of the Saskatchewan Energy Management Task Force.

Permaculture Sask Year-End Review & Potluck, Dec. 8 (Saskatoon) 
Permaculture Saskatchewan will hold a year-end review and potluck supper on Dec. 8.

Aerial Hunters, Dec. 11 (Saskatoon) 
Meet Talon a red-tailed hawk, and learn more about their biology and conservation with Greg Fenty at Wild Birds Unlimited, Dec. 11, from 11-noon.

Bike Regina Winter Cycling Workshop, Dec. 13 (Regina) 
Bike Regina is hosting a winter cycling workshop at 3 pm, Dec. 13.

Piping Plover Census, Dec. 14 (Avonlea)
Alan Smith will discuss the results of the International Piping Plover Census at 7 pm, Dec. 14, in Avonlea as part of the SK-PCAP Native Prairie Speaker Series.

A full list of upcoming events can be found on the EcoFriendly Sask Calendar 


In the News
Thank You, SaskWind. We’ll Miss You 
James Glennie has announced that SaskWind is folding up its operation. Thank you for contributing so much information and passion to the discussion around renewable energy options in Saskatchewan. You've moved us forward.

FCL Sustainability 
Federated Co-operatives Limited has published its 2015-16 sustainability and social responsibility report. Of particular interest is the work they’re doing on waste reduction and recycling wastewater. For more information about FCL’s sustainability initiatives, check out the article we published in the spring.

Green Buildings 
By 2030, all new homes and buildings built in Vancouver will be zero emissions. Approved in July, the Zero Emissions Building Plan includes a phased-in approach. 

Envisioning a Post-Growth Economy
Dr. Samuel Alexander, a lecturer at the Office for Environmental Programs, University of Melbourne, Australia, has prepared a paper on Policies for a Post-Growth Economy focusing on what a feasible and desirable Post-Growth Economy would look like. “Most people, including most politicians, still believe that sustained economic growth, in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), is necessary for societal progress, and that such growth is consistent with environmental sustainability. . . . This paper provides a summary case for why there are, in fact, limits to growth, and outlines a range of bold policy interventions that would be required to produce a stable and flourishing post-growth economy.” 

Toronto Debunks Myth that Families Won’t Live in Condos
Toronto is currently embarking on a study, Growing Up: Planning for Children in New Vertical Communities, to look at how compact urban homes can better accommodate families and children from three scales: the condo unit, the overall building, and the neighborhood. Issues such as unit size and layout, building amenities, the design of the public realm and services in the surrounding neighborhood are addressed.

EcoFriendly Food Swaps 
Choosing food that is good for us as well as good for the environment can be tricky. Here are 8 food swaps as an easy way to get started.

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