Tuesday 2 February 2016

EcoSask News, February 2, 2016


Upcoming Events
Vote for Wetlands - World Wetlands Day, Feb. 2 
Wetlands filter our air and water, reduce the impacts of droughts and flood, store vast amounts of greenhouse gases, and provide wildlife habitat. Unfortunately, according to Ducks Unlimited, Saskatchewan has lost 40,000 acres of wetland habitat (an area larger than the city of Regina) since the last provincial election.

Ducks Unlimited Canada is urging Saskatchewan residents to ask their candidates in the upcoming provincial election what they will do to protect Saskatchewan’s remaining wetlands. www.voteforwetlands.ca provides additional information.

Grid-Tied Solar Electric Installations, Feb. 3
Brent Veitch, Rock Paper Sun, will discuss the current status of grid-tied solar electric installations at the Feb. 3 breakfast meeting of the SK Energy Management Task Force.

Recovering from our Addiction to Stuff, Feb. 6
Recovering from our Addiction to Stuff will be held from 12:30 – 4 pm, Feb. 6, at St. Martin’s United Church. They will show The Story of Stuff video, discuss how to live a low-stuff diet in our homes and churches, and host a recycling display.

Compost Coach Training Camp, Feb. 20 & 21 
A two-day training camp for people interested in becoming a compost coach will be held in Saskatoon, Feb. 20 & 21. Participants will learn advanced composting techniques and be ready to help other Saskatoon residents start composting.

Duck Mountain Ski Loppet, Feb. 26-28
Join SaskOutdoors and the Kamsack Ski Club at the Duck Mountain Ski Loppet Weekend Feb. 26-28.

Basic Wildlife Rehabilitation, Feb. 27 & 28 
The International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council is offering a course for novice wildlife rehabilitators in Saskatoon on Feb. 27-28. There will be lots of hands-on activities.

Passive House Design & Construction, Mar. 31-Apr. 16 
Canadian Passive House Institute West is offering a 10-day passive house design & construction course in Saskatoon from March 31 to April 16.

A full list of upcoming events can be found on the EcoFriendly Sask Calendar 

red-winged blackbird (female)

Blue Dot Regina 
Regina City Council wants more time to study a declaration recognizing people’s right to a healthy environment following a petition from Blue Dot Regina, part of the nation-wide David Suzuki Foundation project.

Centre for Climate Risk Reduction on the Prairies 
The University of Winnipeg and the International Institute for Sustainable Development have established the Centre for Climate Risk Reduction on the Prairies. The Centre will provide research and advice to government, businesses, and community members to help them “identify and anticipate risks to increase community resilience to climate change.” One of their first projects is an atlas illustrating the Prairies’ possible future climate.

The Disneyfication of Canada’s National Parks
“Canada’s world-famous national parks, Mr. Van Tighem says, are no longer valued for what they were intended – but are increasingly being treated as ‘raw material to be commodified into a bundle of Disneyesque visitor attractions and marketing packages.’ It is as if ‘nature was no longer enough,’ laments the former superintendent.” 

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