Tuesday 4 August 2015

EcoSask News, August 4, 2015


Southwest Soiree & Stargazing, Aug. 15-16 
Join Nature Conservancy of Canada at Old Man on His Back, Aug. 15-16. You'll help staff count bison calves, check hawk nests, place caps on fence posts, and star gaze. RSVP by August 5.

Edenwold Fence Pull, Aug. 22
Join Nature Conservancy of Canada at its Edenwold property on August 22 and help remove obstacles dangerous to wildlife. Sign up if you’d like to carpool to the event.

Saskatoon Curbside Swap, Sept. 12
The City of Saskatoon is sponsoring a city-wide curbside swap on September 12. This is an opportunity to give unwanted but still usable items a second life instead of sending them to the landfill. Put unwanted items out on the curb, mark them free, and give them away. Unclaimed items should be returned to your home at 6 pm.

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The federal government is transferring control and administration of the Govenlock Community Pasture to Environment Canada. They intend to build long-term partnerships with community groups and ranchers. Govenlock Pasture provides suitable habitat for quite a few species at risk.

Regina released strained sewage into Wascana Creek in an effort to avoid a backup of the city's sewer system following a heavy rain. Green roofs and other green stormwater management techniques help cities avoid this sort of situation.

Will bladeless turbines save wind power? “opposition to wind projects is grounded in complex emotional and societal considerations that have very little obvious direct connection to the physical structure of the turbine.”

“How can we be healthier, saner, better human beings through connections with water, and how can we be better stewards of our ocean and water environments?”

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