Thursday 8 January 2015

Smarter Science Better Buildings

The Saskatchewan Environmental Society (SES) and the Western Development Museum (WDM) offer a two-hour program for grade 7 students focusing on energy-efficient homes.

The program references Vereco’s net zero home that was on display at the Saskatoon Western Development Museum in 2010. There are six hands-on displays describing the science, history and innovations behind sustainable homes.

Students also tour the museum’s historical home exhibits, looking at the relative energy efficiency/inefficiency of those buildings.

The program is now running at all four Western Development Museum’s in the province.

The Saskatchewan Environmental Society and the Western Development Museum requested an EcoFriendly Action Grant in order to review the programs and look for one or two new sites for the exhibits.

The program received a $2000 grant from EcoFriendly Sask in September 2014. Since that time they have:

  • Established two new program opportunities in conjunction with the Moose Jaw Heritage Fair (3 groups of students will work with the displays) and the Saskatchewan Green Living Expo (a chance for the public to gain a greater understanding of energy-efficient buildings);
  • Held preliminary meetings with another potential sponsor; and
  • Introduced a new page about the program on the SES website

Program information, teacher resources, and student packages for the Smarter Science Better Buildings program are available on the WDM’s website.

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