Tuesday 13 January 2015

EcoSask News, Jan. 13, 2015

snowy sunrise

Electronic Resources for Naturalists, Jan. 22
Wondering what would be the best app or computer program to help you identify birds, record or share your findings? Then be sure to attend the Saskatoon Nature Society’s seminar on Electronic Resources for Naturalists at 7 pm, Jan. 22 in Room 130, Physics Buildings, U of S.

The Nature Society also offers a list of citizen science opportunities compiled by Brenda Dale, a wildlife biologist.

Steak Night Fundraiser, Jan. 24
Support wildlife rehabilitation by attending Living Sky Wildlife Rehabilitation’s Steak Night Fundraiser on Jan. 24. Chicken and veggie options are also available.

Winter Cycling Fest, Jan. 30
Saskatoon Cycles is hosting its first Winter Cycling Fest on Jan. 30. The evening begins with a Moveable Feast and concludes with a showing of the film A Winter of Cyclists.

Field Trips
Young Naturalists
Jan. 24, 1 pm – Making Tracks
Feb. 7, 1 pm – Chickadee Pishing at Pike Lake
Space is limited; register early to avoid disappointment.

Other Nature Society Field Trips
Jan. 27, 8 am – 6 pm – Sask Landing Provincial Park Winter Birding
Feb. 8, 1-5 pm, Pike Lake Birding
Check the Saskatoon Nature Society’s website for full details (e.g. some trips require rubber boots, others will be cancelled if the weather is bad).

snowy sunrise

Well Done!
Building a Sharing Economy
NYC Wastematch is a free service offered by the NYC Department of Sanitation, which facilitates the exchange of used and surplus goods and equipment from organizations that no longer need them to other entities that do. The program keeps useful resources out of the waste stream while offering clients an opportunity to save money and lower their environmental impact.

Winning the Plastics War
New York City has banned single-use polystyrene foam containers. It joins a list of other cities with a similar ban, helping to shape a change in the take-out food industry.

Saskatoon is currently considering how to address waste. Let’s hope they get on board in promoting and enforcing environmentally-sustainable packaging.

Protecting the Swale
The Swalewatchers endorsed monitoring development and putting nature first in their presentation to the Meewasin Valley Authority which is in the process of developing a master plan for the Northeast Swale.

EcoFriendly Action Grants
We’re pleased to provide $500 grants to the following organizations:

Saskatoon Cycles to support the first Winter Cycling Fest

Young Parent Program, Moose Jaw Family Services who plan to add a composting program and gardening-related craft activities to their children’s garden program

Interested in applying for an EcoFriendly Action Grant? Check out 10 Tips for Successful EcoFriendly Grants.

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