Wednesday 31 October 2012

Communications Workshop for Non-Profit Organizations

EcoFriendly Sask presents 
Telling Our Story: Helping non-profit organizations to get their message across 
Penny McKinlay, Communications Consultant 
9 am – 3 pm, Wednesday, November 28, 2012 
Room 403, Galleria Building, Innovation Place, Saskatoon 

You want to touch the hearts and change the behaviours of your public. That’s not easy, but effective communications can help you to get your message across.

As part of its mission to inform, support, and encourage environmental initiatives in Saskatchewan, EcoFriendly Sask invites you to attend Telling Our Story: Helping Non-Profit Organizations to Get Their Message Across.

Telling Our Story is a hands-on, interactive workshop. Small group discussions and activities will help you learn new skills and integrate them into your professional life.

The sessions will be coordinated by Penny McKinlay, a freelance communications consultant, who believes that words are powerful tools for sharing information and emotions.

Workshop Schedule
1. Storytelling: Delight your readers with heroes, action, and emotion 
“The structure and significance of stories transforms information 
from static and flat to dynamic and alive.” 
Purpose: Every organization has a story to tell. Far too often, we bury it in technical language and jargon.
Hands-on Activity: Storyboarding: turn your report into a story.

2. Elegant Simplicity: Bridging the gap between the writer and the reader 
"Effective writing is simple and elegant. 
 It invites readers to enter, to follow the story, to explore the ideas." 
Purpose: Learn how to start a conversation, eliminate clutter, and highlight the important information.
Hands-on Activity: Identify and provide examples of effective communications.

3. Wading into Complexity: Who are we, and what is our message? 
“Products that are remarkable get talked about.”
Purpose: How we frame the question and how people view us has a major impact on our effectiveness.
Hands-on Activity: Find a beautiful solution for one of your gnarliest problems.

4. Switch: How to change things when change is hard 
"Logic, emotions, environment: three paths to change" 
Purpose: Pick up some concrete, practical tips for changing behaviours and practices.
Hands-on Activity: Identify communications practices that you want to start/stop/continue.

Workshop Fees 
$125 (includes morning snack, lunch, and a resource booklet)
Payable to: EcoFriendly Sask c/o Penny McKinlay, 106 – 1223 7th Avenue North, Saskatoon, SK S7K 2W1 (Cheques should be made out to Penny McKinlay)          306.978.2939

Let us know if you have any particular dietary requirements.

Volunteers and employees of environmental organizations are encouraged to apply for a $75 bursary from EcoFriendly Sask. 

 Maximum participants: 25          Register by November 20, 2012

"The workshop was amazing. It surpassed my expectations. We shared, we laughed, we learned from each other and from our excellent presenter. Penny pulled us together and facilitated the networking masterfully." Vince Hill, Credenda School (LEADS Communications Accreditation Module, 2011)