Monday 10 September 2012

Arctic Circle Cartoon Collection

If you are struggling to live an environmentally-correct lifestyle, take heart! The Arctic Circle cartoon characters don’t find it easy either.

In Alex Hallatt’s first Arctic Circle collection you’ll meet Frank, a hungry polar bear who thinks that bird feeders are designed as handy snack stations, Howard, the eco rabbit, whose green roof dangles carrots over the kitchen table, a group of immigrant penguins, and many more eccentric characters.

 “What are penguins, indigenous to the South Pole, doing at the North Pole?” questions Frank. “Ozone hole got too big and we ran out of sun block,” the penguins explain, “Plus Oscar sold our fishing rights to the Japanese.”

Alex Hallatt has a degree in Biochemistry, but, fortunately for us, drifted into cartooning. Arctic Circle is a syndicated column distributed worldwide by King Features Syndicate.

The Arctic Circle Cartoon Strip Collection is available on iBookstore and for under $3.00.

Enjoy a good laugh. I certainly did – Penny McKinlay