Sunday 17 July 2011

Featured Photos: Beavers on the Riverbank in Saskatoon

Beavers are one of Canada’s national icons and can be found in every Canadian province and territory. They use physical markers (mud pies with paw prints and musky oil) and noises (whines, bellows, tail slaps) to communicate.

One very famous Canadian, Grey Owl, shared his home with beavers in northern Saskatchewan.

Although beavers are often regarded as a destructive nuisance, they are valuable because they improve habitat for many forms of wildlife, help maintain water levels, stabilize stream flow, and prevent stream bed erosion.

What We Can Do
Watch for beavers on the river or Beaver Creek, especially in the early morning and late evening
Notice signs of beavers at work, chewing on trees and building lodges and dams
Visit Grey Owl’s cabin in Prince Albert National Park
Watch the Grey Owl movie
Read Grey Owl’s books - Pilgrims of the Wild, Sajo and the Beaver People