Tuesday 15 December 2020

EcoSask News, December 15, 2020

Bald Eagle

Upcoming Events 
Christmas Bird Count for Kids, Jan. 2 (Regina) 
Nature Saskatchewan is hosting a Christmas Bird Count for Kids at 1 pm, Jan. 2, in Regina. 

Saskatoon Nature Society Field Trips 
Dec. 20 – Qu’Appelle Dam (Elbow, Douglas Park) Christmas Bird Count 
Dec. 26, 9 am-5 pm – Saskatoon Boxing Day Bird Count 
Dec. 28 – Borden/Radisson Christmas Bird Count 
Jan. 2, 9 am-4 pm – Pike Lake/Whitecap Christmas Bird Count 
Jan. 10, 2-3:30 pm – Sanatorium Site Bird Walk 
Field trips are currently for members only, so sign up now

A full list of upcoming events (online and in person) can be found on the EcoFriendly Sask Calendar 

Local News 
SaskPower/Natural Resources Canada are offering no-cost virtual energy efficiency training for small and medium businesses between now and Mar. 31

A look at the missing pieces in Alberta’s Geothermal Resource Development Act reveals issues that may need addressing in Saskatchewan.


From Information to Action 
Part of pandemic preparedness is acknowledging that human, wildlife, and ecological health are inseparable

The Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources’ Indigenous Climate Change Adaptation Planning Toolkit provides user-friendly tools, resources, and key considerations to support Indigenous individuals and communities interested in undertaking climate change adaptation planning. 

Changing what our clothes are made of can make a big difference in cutting climate pollution. 

Wall Street has begun trading water futures, putting "a basic human right into the hands of financial institutions and investors, a dangerous arrangement as climate change alters precipitation patterns and increases water scarcity.”

Thin coatings of this material could soak up sun in summer months and provide heat to buildings in winter, all without using fuel or electricity

Natural Wonders 
Ferocious chompers, elephant birds, and a spike-covered turtle tail – Lost Animals: Extinct, Endangered, and Rediscovered Species [book review]. 

From snow-tunnelling ptarmigans to cheery robins and jingle shells – celebrating the season with Canadian nature

This is the last issue of EcoSask News for 2020, but we’ll be posting holiday specials over the next two weeks to keep you entertained. 

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