Thursday, 9 April 2015

Spring Adventures from the Great Saskatchewan Bucket List

It's spring and all of us are eager to be outdoors. So grab a copy of Robin and Arlene Karpan's latest book,
The Great Saskatchewan Bucket List: 50 Unforgettable Natural Wonders and head out the door.

Listed below are three places that the Karpans recommend visiting in the spring. For full details, see the book.

Keepers of the Shore: Shorebirds of Chaplin Lake“It’s thought that up to half the world’s sanderlings refuel here on their way to the Arctic.” 

Springtime Orgy: Snakes of Fort Livingstone“As they emerge from their hibernaculum and the weather warms, the red-sided reptiles are immediately ready to mate, and they’re not shy about it …. They form mating balls of snakes, sometimes slowly rolling down the slopes in a knotted coiled mass.” 

Letting Loose on the Lek: Dance of the Sharptails – [In spring] “The males head to the lek, or dancing grounds …. Here they strut their stuff while the gals come to check out the guys. The males puff themselves up, inflating bright purple sacs on their necks while yellow eye combs are fluffed up like bushy blonde eyebrows.” 

Copies  of The Great Saskatchewan Bucket List are available at McNally Robinson Booksellers or the Saskatoon Public Library.

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