Tuesday 25 November 2014

EcoSask News, November 24, 2014


Recreation & Parks Master Plan, Nov. 25 
The City of Saskatoon is asking for feedback on its draft Recreation and Parks Master Plan. You can attend an Open House on Nov. 25 from 12-2 or 5-8 pm, or complete the online survey. This is an opportunity to emphasize to the City the importance of urban natural areas.

Futureproof Radio, Nov. 25 
Futureproof Radio launches Nov. 25. The live radio program, hosted by Shane Wolffe, will discuss current and future technologies that can help make the world a better place. The program will also be available as a podcast.

SaskOutdoors AGM, Jan. 24
SaskOutdoors will be holding its annual general meeting in or near Saskatoon on January 24.

Waste Minimization Awards, Feb. 20 
The Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council is asking for nominations for its Waste Minimization Awards. The deadline for nominations is February 20.

Singapore has a solar fan. What Saskatoon needs is a solar heater.

Local News 
Building Energy Efficiency
30% of Canada’s energy usage is from commercial and residential buildings. Building energy efficiency standards, similar to those in other provinces, can help save energy and money. You can find out more about the benefits and challenges of building energy efficiency standards on the Build Sask Green website.

Vermicomposting at School (Regina)
PV Waste Solutions and Green Guerilla Sustainability are providing vermicomposting kits and teaching grade 3 classes in Regina how to compost their food waste.

Photos – Wildlife in the City 
Gary Pedersen and Jeff Boone, City of Saskatoon, are looking for photos of urban wildlife for use in a series of brochures on Living with Urban Wildlife. They’re particularly interested in receiving photos of foxes in the city. In future, they will be looking for photos of skunks, badgers, raccoons and porcupines in the urban environment. You can email your photos to Gary.

Burrowing Owls
Good news! The number of burrowing owls in Saskatchewan is up. 2014 survey participants sighted 28 pairs, a 33% increase from 21 last year. There has also been an increase in public sightings. The Operation Burrowing Owl website provides additional information.


Thought Provoking 
Water and Watersheds 
Smart land use practices can help clean our waterways

Protecting water at its source can be cheaper and more efficient than treating it after it has been polluted

Solar Power 
Saskatoon could be at the dawn of a solar sunrise – here’s why

Two First Nations schools in northern communities hope to dramatically reduce their power bill thanks to solar power

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