Tuesday 10 September 2013

EcoSask News, September 10, 2013

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Regina Public Water Meeting, Sept. 11
A Public Water Town Hall Meeting is being held in the Education Auditorium, University of Regina, from 7-9 pm, September 11. Speakers include Maude Barlow, Marley Waiser, and Pierre Hammett. Waiser worked for Environment Canada and has published papers on chemical pollutants. Hammett has done a number of studies on P3s.

Community Action Network Training, Sept. 28
Saskatoon CAN! Community Action Network Training and Networking Session will be held on September 28 at Station 20 West. There will be speakers on environmental, social, and economic justice as well as skills-building workshops on social media, direct action, lobbying, and public speaking.

Nature Society Presentations
The Saskatoon Nature Society’s line-up of speakers for the 2013-14 season looks very interesting:
September 19 – Ron Jensen talks about his recent birding trip to China, especially Sichuan and the Tibetan Plateau
October 17 – David Donald reports on the well-being on wood frogs in Saskatchewan amidst world-wide concern for the status of amphibians
November 21 – Joe Schmutz explains why grass and birds need cowboys, with an update on the future of Saskatchewan’s community pastures
December 12 – Kevin Shook will talk about sloughs and why they rise and fall, come and go
January 16 – Nettie Wiebe will talk about the fine balance between human needs and the needs of the natural world
February 20 – A huge part of the northern plains was once covered by a lake larger than the Caspian Sea. Alec Aitken will explain what happened to Lake Agassiz
April 17 – Stuart Houston, Frank Roy, and Al Smith will talk about the making of the “Great Big Book of Saskatchewan Birds”

Geese, Cranes & Urban Birds
Join the Saskatoon Nature Society on one of their upcoming field trips. Additional information is available on their website.
September 28 – Outlook Goose and Crane Trip (1:30-9 pm)
September 29 – Cosmopolitan Park Bird Walk (8:30-10 am)
October 12 – Whooping Crane Outing (8 am – 5 pm)


Whooping Crane Symposium, October 5
The Saskatoon Nature Society is co-hosting an international symposium on whooping crane conservation on October 5.

Developing the City’s Wetland Policy
The City of Saskatoon is seeking community input in developing a wetland policy for the identification, preservation, and management of wetlands in the City’s growth areas. Wetlands are important areas as they replenish the ground water supply, reduce flooding, provide a home for birds and animals, and are a pleasant place to visit.

Swale Ecoblitz
Students and volunteers continue to document the plants and animals to be found in the North East Swale. They’ve found some plants that are quite rare or potentially threatened, including a tiny fern about 5 cm high.

Laundry Detergent in Strips
Canadians throw out 134 million laundry detergent jugs a year! That’s 134 million jugs that have to be manufactured, shipped and then thrown out. Dizolve, a new Canadian company, has come up with an alternative. Dizolve detergent comes in a tiny, pre-measured strip the size of a bookmark that you simply toss in the washing machine. “The strips are made with a patent-pending formula of concentrated eco-friendly cleaning agents and dissolve completely when wet.” (via Sierra Club Canada)

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