Tuesday 19 June 2012

EcoSask News, June 19, 2012

Cycle to the Civic Pancake Breakfast, follow the Bluebird Trail, research green jobs and wastewater - all this and more in EcoSask News 

Field Trips 
Saskatoon Nature Society Field Trips 
Join the Saskatoon Nature Society on one of their field trips. Full information is available on their website.
  • June 23 – Look for birds and explore the Donna Birkmaier Park, one of Saskatoon’s newest and largest naturalized parks. 
  • June 24 – Catch some butterflies, have a good look, and then release them. Trip may be cancelled if weather is poor. 
  • July 1 – Put on your boots and your insect repellent and go looking for orchids and other bog wildflowers. 
  • July 7 – North American Butterfly Count (if raining, will be postponed to July 8) 
  • July 15 – dragonflies and damselflies 

Bluebird Trail 
Join Greg Fenty and the Young Naturalists as they monitor the bluebirds and tree swallows along the Bluebird Trail on June 25, June 27, July 4, or July 18. Call 975-3042, or email saskatoonnaturekids@gmail.com for more information.

Eco Tour to HELP International, July 11 & 12
Join the Saskatchewan Outdoor and Environmental Education Association at HELP International near Weyburn and experience firsthand some of the development issues in Canada and Africa.

Native Prairie Appreciation Week, June 17-23 
It’s Native Prairie Appreciation Week. Be sure to Get Out and Smell the Prairies.

CNYC Bike Powered Bike Laundry 
Saskatoon’s Core Neighbourhood Youth Co-op (CNYC) is looking for donations on Small Change Fund to support a bike powered bike laundry. EcoFriendly Sask has donated $1500. CNYC is looking for an additional $3500.

St. Joseph Green Guardians
The St. Joseph High School Green Guardians Environmental Club held the official opening of their new organic garden on June 15. The students have been collecting and composting food waste and have set up an impressive rainwater harvest system. They are using windmills, cayenne pepper, and other green approaches to protect their seedlings from Richardson ground squirrels and other garden pests.

There are currently six raised beds, but the students are eager to expand the garden with more beds, fruit trees, benches, and a solar panel to power the irrigation system.

Bike Valet 
EcoFriendly Sask is pleased to sponsor the Saskatoon Cycles Bike Valet at the Civic Pancake Breakfast on Thursday, June 21, from 7 to 10:30 pm in front of the Frances Morrison Library.

The Bike Valet will be offering their services at many upcoming events. So ride your bike and leave the car at home.

U of S Needs Bike Lanes 
In a letter to the editor, Bob Patrick points out that there are no bike lanes on any approach to campus or on the campus itself.

Wildlife Rehabilitation Society, June 27 / July 7 
The Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan is holding volunteer orientation events on June 27 in Regina and on July 7 in Saskatoon. Additional information can be found on their website.

A Green Industrial Revolution 
The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives has released a report on the green industrial revolution. The report contends that accelerated oil and gas extraction will boost profits but won’t drive major employment gains. In contrast, a commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions could lead to new jobs, innovation, and improved health.

North Dakota Oil Boom: Damage & Prosperity
As a result of natural gas drilling, North Dakota ranks second behind only Texas in US oil output. The downside is millions of gallons of salty, chemical-infused wastewater. It is supposed to be disposed of far underground, but state regulators acknowledge that companies are dumping truckloads of toxic fluid illegally.

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